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Too many great apps fail due to a lack of marketing and on-going development strategy. Red C offer a service far beyond design and coding. Our suite of mobile app marketing services called APP+ provides support and guidance for the period of any app's lifecycle. This includes the app's development, it's launch and the first 3-6 months of being in app stores. The aim of APP+ is to help your app flourish by increasing its user-ship popularity, even becoming a viral sensation. We provide customised packages to what you require, enabling you to pick and choose which services best suit you.


Nowadays, you can’t rely on consumers to find you in the crowded app stores, a website is an essential promotion tool that provides a platform for your community. We’ll take care of everything; from custom-build and creative design to hosting. 


Effective SEO and accurate Adwords campaigns ensure you can target the customers that are looking for you. Working with your budget, Red C will craft valuable campaigns that drive traffic to your site/app, whilst keeping an eye on competitors.


In this digital age, content really is king. The more you create, the more you engage. Topical fortnightly blogs shared via social media will drive recurring traffic to your promo website, adding value to your brand and building a community of loyal users.


When utilised correctly, emails allows you to reach and engage your consumers in a  highly personalised and direct way. Red C can help you segregate and target specific users, providing them with fortnightly news, updates and stories that are relevant to them.


To be successful, your app needs to be visible. Using our bespoke software, we can assess keywords, create compelling descriptions and carry out a competitor analysis. This optimises your store listings and will help you achieve maximum downloads.


Create a buzz around your app with social media. Red C will set up and run your social media composing weekly Facebook and LinkedIn pieces, as well as daily tweets.


Our digital advertising platform uses the latest programmatic technology. Using highly targeted algorithms and real-time bidding, we’ll work with your budget to create dynamic digital ads to reach your consumers.


Our expert Account Management team will provide ongoing user analytics, competitor analysis and social media engagement indicators, ensuring your campaign is always performing optimally.

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