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At Red C, we have over 20 years experience providing leading corporates with enterprise app solutions that transform their business processes. Over the recent years, mobile apps have revolutionised our personal lives, enabling maximum productivity with minimum time, effort and money. With the average young person now using apps for over 3 hours a day to gather information and perform tasks, it is clear that a mobile strategy has a place in business.

Now, a number of forward thinking corporate companies have started to embrace digital solutions in the light of accelerating business strategies. An enterprise app can serve a range of purposes from improving internal operations, to driving employee engagement and communicating with customers more effectively.

Red C have build over 200 apps and continue to develop a wealth of experience helping companies enhance productivity with mobile solutions. Our 2 hour Mobile Strategy Workshop takes an in depth look at your business, and analyses how any internal processes or client communications can be improved with an app. We then present our findings and provide professional advice in a short strategy report.

Examples of our work, include corporate mobile apps on behalf of leading companies, like Sony. For Sony, we developed a trade engagement portal and the Sony Xperia Ambassador for employees to gain a full understanding of new products and provide staff with the opportunity to provide feedback.

Enterprise apps have proven to be a vital tool in connecting companies where their employees are based both in an office space and out on the field. Utility companies, such as Thames Water have found that an app has saved their employees vast amounts of time. The Thames Water and PN Daly app has reduced admin time for their engineers from 30 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job.

Apps have also proven to create a sweet spot for many companies. The iPad app we developed on behalf of Ductclean enables field staff to record their jobs on the go. This includes filling out the necessary documentation and uploading photos, all of which are sent directly to head office. The app has created an asset management system that has played a crucial role in securing new clients.

Apps are even being used to improve training within the NHS, discover how we developed the eCPD app. The app provides a e-learning platform for NHS staff, where they can complete training modules. The introduction of an app has improved statutory compliance with training to 93%.

Contact us today, to find out how we can improve your business with an mobile app.

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