Near Field Communication & iBeacons

Near Field Communication and iBeacons

In the technically advanced world we live in, Red C understand that users seek fast and intuitive ways of streamlining daily tasks. Thus it is our job to simplify their experience by developing apps which integrate and thrive off the communication capabilities of mobile phones. For example, we have developed apps that use Bluetooth and NFC that allow users to access shopping vouchers or deals.

iBeacons are also a fairly new advancement brought out by Apple that allow mobile apps (both Native iOS and Android) to receive signals from a beacon when a user is nearby. Consequently, the backend sends automated push notifications of relevant content to the users' phone that may be of interest to them in that particular location.

For example, as per the image above, the iBeacon has detected a user and sent them a 'Deal of the Day' for a new pair of shoes at a nearby store. This is important for retailers because it allows them to understand where a customer is, providing an opportunity to directly send them highly contextual content and meaningful advertisements.

Red C recently created an app called 'Break the Ice' that uses iBeacons in bars, so app users' can see who is at the bar before they arrive and offer them a virtual drink!

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