Promote Your Business with an Alexa Skill

Since the release of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the use of AI voice control has risen dramatically. At Red C, we develop bespoke Alexa Skills and Google Actions that fit your company's requirements, and allow you to reach customers in the comfort of their own homes.

Saving Valuable Time

At Red C, our experienced developers can work with you to create an Alexa Skill or Google Action that fits your business needs. Not only can we connect a Skill or Action to your existing database using our API so users can access information on voice demand, but we can also delegate tasks that would usually take much more time and effort to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assist.

Existing Alexa Skills

Some forward thinking companies have already taken the opportunity to create their own Alexa Skill. For example, The Guardian Skill will read you the news, headlines or reviews, at your chosen time of day. The Uber Skill will book you a driver upon voice request, letting you know where he is and once he has arrived. And the Dominoes Skill will place your order and update you on the delivery process of your pizza!

Why Build An Alexa Skill for your Business?

If you are a services related company, investing in an Alexa Skill could reap benefits, as it means interacting with customers in the comfort of their homes and providing them with immediate solutions. The opportunity to tailor voice controlled technology specifically for your customers is exciting, and shows them that you are an innovative brand.

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