Marketing your app: A strategy for App Store success

April 28, 2016

An app’s success, like any product or service is the result of great marketing. The phrase ‘there is an app for everything’ is not far from the truth, so convincing users to download yours requires a creative marketing strategy.

Firstly, focus on creating a buzz in the run up to the launch date. A promo website can be a great way to establish your app and brand image from the early stages of development. Using analytic tools to assess traffic directed to your site, also provides valuable information about how your visitors have found you and their activity whilst on the site. Compose regular blog updates to drive traffic to your site, here you can discuss your app’s journey or wider industry news. Strive to make your website a destination and create a following of potential users.

Content is King

In the

App Store Optimisation

Once in the App Store it is important to keep an eye on where your app ranks, app store rankings can be improved through optimisation. Optimisation, should always begin with a competitor analysis, at Red C we carry this out using our bespoke software and report back to you, providing a detailed report of the market. App optimisation like a website requires investigation, compelling descriptions and well-planned keywords. One sure way to improve your ranking is to feature keywords in your app title. 

Engage with your users

Consider factors that effect a user’s decision to download an app, for example the screenshots you use to feature and your app icon should be engaging and of high quality. In addition, reviews can be extremely persuasive so encourage your users to rate your app. All these factors should be considered before submitting your app to the App Store. Planning ahead is important, as is looking towards the future, so plan a

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