5 Tips on How to Increase Supporter Engagement

Red C has helped Barnados, the UNHCR and Save the Children create bespoke apps that offer unique content such as news and human interest stories as well as educational/self-help tools for young people. Based on our experience in app development for the charity sector, the Red C team have come up with 5 tips on how to increase supporter engagement and reach a broader, younger demographic of donors through a mobile app.

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1. Digitise Donations for a Digital Age

According to a recent study, 72% of 18–25-year-olds would donate to a charity via a mobile app if given the chance, favouring digital payments as opposed to traditional payment methods. Thus, a mobile app which enables donors to make instantaneous digital donations will broaden the appeal of the donation process, appealing to a wide demographic of younger donors.

2. Bridge the Gap Between Donors and Recipients

In the digital age, a mobile app is an effective way of facilitating transparency between donors and recipients by showing donors exactly where their money is going.

In the app, this can be specified by location, ranging from country, region, or as localised as town or village. Information could be as specific as the name of the person the donation has helped or the item purchased with the donation, eg. school uniform for a child or a meal for a family.

3. Embrace Do-It-Yourself Fundraising

Empowering your supporters with the tools to organise fundraisers and volunteering themselves through a mobile app could massively increase supporter engagement.

An app could provide a platform for supporters to connect with like-minded users to organise fundraising events that are then publicised through the app.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Integrating social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram enables supporters to share their fundraising activities or donations with their social network.

This enhances visibility for charities as supporters essentially market the cause themselves through their personal social media platforms.

5. Keep in Touch

A targeted news and events hub for supporters ensures that donors are always up to date with upcoming fundraising events as well as stories written about victims or by fundraisers. This bridges the information gap by informing donors as to how they have helped the recipients of the charitable aid. A mobile app which utilises push notifications is the perfect platform to do this.

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