Keep Ahead in the Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution

We are in the midst of a digital revolution; digital companies with no assets of their own are disrupting traditional business models with new, more efficient strategies. In 2016, UK online retail sales hit £133 billion, an increase of £18 billion or 15.9% year on year, with a number of these sales being made via smartphones. In fact, the same study from the IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index showed that sales made via smartphones in the UK are increasing 47% year on year.

Customers can now purchase goods from the comfort of their own homes, and acquire services on demand. For example, Uber is out growing cab companies, yet they own no cars, Airbnb is more popular than hotels, yet they own no property. And Deliveroo are one of the biggest suppliers of restaurant food, yet they do not own any restaurants. This is a disruptive pattern that is being repeated in all industries, and businesses that don't embrace change are sadly falling behind.

Is your Business looking to overcome Digital Disruption? 

At Red C, we have over 15 years experience providing leading corporates with enterprise apps that transform business. Over the recent years, mobile apps have revolutionised our personal lives, enabling maximum productivity with minimum time, effort and money. With the average young person now using apps for over 3 hours a day to gather information and perform tasks, it is clear that mobile technology has a place in business. Having developed over 200 apps, we have a wealth of experience helping companies enhance productivity with mobile solutions; by improving internal efficiencies, connecting staff in different departments, and providing customers with solutions on the go.

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