We have over 20 years of experience providing leading corporates with enterprise mobile solutions that transform their business processes. Over the recent years, mobile apps have revolutionised our personal lives, enabling maximum productivity with minimum time, effort and money. Thus, it is clear that a mobile strategy has a prominent place in business.

Now, a number of forward-thinking corporate companies have started to embrace digital solutions with the aim of accelerating business strategies. Enterprise mobile application development can serve a range of purposes from improving internal operations to driving employee engagement and communicating with customers more effectively.


Our Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions

Internal APPs

With employees spending less time tied to their desks, mobile apps offer the opportunity to engage staff and improve efficiencies. Whether it's a HR app development solution that can keep employees up to date with the latest information, or digitising legacy systems, our enterprise mobile apps team has the expertise to help. We have worked with Barts Health, with 14,000 NHS staff members under their employ, most of whom are not working behind a desk. The ePCD app was built to improve their professional training, read more about it here: eCPD app. The introduction of an app has improved statutory compliance with training to an overwhelming total of 93%.

Apps for remote workers

Enterprise mobile application development is proven to be a vital tool in connecting companies with their remote workers when they are out on the field. Utility companies, such as Thames Water have found that an app has saved their employees vast amounts of time. The Thames Water and PN Daly app has reduced admin time for their engineers from 30 minutes to 2-5 minutes per job.


If your workforce is using enterprise mobile apps, it is essential they are always using the correct version and you can control 'permissions' on their devices, and roll out new versions.  Red C can create a mobile enterprise management system tailored to your specific business needs.


If you have an existing app and wish to update it, complete it, or need a support team to keep it running, Red C can help. Our mobile app development team will review your existing code and report back to you with any issues we find. We can then provide you with a quote covering any updates to your app development solution requirements, including any extra functionality.


At Red C, we handle security with extreme seriousness. All of our servers are routinely upgraded with the most recent patches and updates, and are secured behind the latest hardware firewalls. Red C’s web systems all feature proactive monitoring, which alerts us if unauthorised access is attempted – so that the security team can take proactive action.

Support and Maintenance

Red C can offer an ongoing support and maintenance contract as well as scalable hosting services to keep your app up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer several levels of support with differing Service Level Agreements to suit your budget and requirements.


Ductclean: connecting field staff, head office & clients

Ductclean is the UK's leading Ventilation Hygiene, Ductwork cleaning and Asbestos Remediation Specialist. We digitised their internal processes with an iPad app, connecting field staff with administrators in real time. This has created huge opportunities for Ductclean; winning much larger contracts as clients demand transparency which is now facilitated through their app.

FEB: multilingual app visualises government financial data

FEB Radar provides updates regarding the most relevant indicators in the labour market, social security, competitiveness, taxation and economic conditions. The FEB's analysis of these indicators details recent socio-economic developments in Belgium, in a European context.

First Avenue Partners: facilitating greater insight for FAP clients

First Avenue Partners (FAP) specialise in connecting private funds to institutional investors. FAP approached Red C to design and develop an app which would increase the client’s accessibility to their services.

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