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At Red C, we are often faced with apps and websites which look great but have been built with little or no thought for the UX (user experience). Unfortunately, this is the most important part of creating an environment that allows users to complete their goal. All websites and apps should have a clearly defined user journey that navigates your customers through a simple yet intuitive workflow, providing them with useful information, and leading to a sale.

Sadly, many companies lose potential business because of limitations on their website or app that distract users from the main user journey. This is worrying because no business can afford to lose customers because of a poor user experience online.  Luckily, we understand the significance of the user journey in ensuring your customers engage with your site and convert, or at least leave your site feeling like they have come away with something valuable. Therefore, we ensure that every feature and functionality of your mobile app or website plays a significant role in guiding the user to achieve their final goal and convert.

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We provide you with a video recording of our UX review

As seen here, our UX specialist will explore your website or app from a users perspective, whilst recording their findings. This way, we can provide you with an overview of our first impressions and any major faults that need to be changed immediately. 

Your UX specialist will evaluate the existing user journeys and highlight any areas of confusion that may be holding your customers back. We will recommend actionable improvements to improve engagement and increase conversion rates.