Haller Farmers App

The new Haller Farmers App has been re-designed and developed with the aims of widening accessibility for the millions of smallholder farmers living across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Haller Farmers App: Promoting Sustainable Farming and Development in Africa

The new Haller Farmers application includes a wealth of information from over 60 years of local agricultural knowledge, making the information far more accessible in the hopes of helping ensure world food security. Haller Farmers shares affordable, organic and environmentally friendly farming techniques to help farmers transform their land and improve their livelihood. This app has been designed with smallholder farmers in mind, with techniques that are all low cost and sustainable: making them widely replicable across Africa.


In 2014, the foundation launched the Haller Farmers App with the aim of leveraging the growing influence of technology in rural communities, providing access to agricultural information and advice. In light of the ongoing technological revolution in East Africa, it was time to evolve the web app, making it more accessible, intuitive and reliable for a universal community of smallholder farmers.

The new Haller Famers App available to download on Android devices includes updated information and farming advice which has been tried and tested over the past 60 years with a key focus around Health, Education and Conservation. The new "My Plot" feature acts as a visual representation of an ideal plot of land - a map of how your farm should be, using minimal effort for maximum production. The newly added visual aids help to showcase optimal growth and production for users.



The driving force behind the project was to demonstrate our ability to help Haller achieve its strategic objectives through the updated version of the Haller web app and to deliver an optimum solution for them.

We worked collaboratively with Haller and Pearlfisher to develop a native app for the Android platform to update their existing web app and are extremely proud to be a part of such an incredible venture. We created an information hub to help and improve the farmers agricultural practice so that the updated version will improve accessibility,
simplicity and interactivity of the information for farmers.

A user friendly Content Management System was built to update and upload content live in the app. We worked closely with Haller to understand the scope and deliver the project on time without compromising the quality of work.

  • Agricultural guidance and information
  • Interactive features to help visualise your farming land
  • Up to date sustainable farming techniques with step by step instructions
  • Sell, buy, advertise & chat - a platform for communication and local farming expertise

"Pearlfisher and Red C have collaborated to make a positive impact on people’s lives through a creatively engaging experience. Haller’s forward-thinking and sustainable farming methods are now shared freely and intuitively via widely available affordable app platforms. In doing so, it transforms both the lives and land of some of the most unsupported communities, drawing them together via a truly empowering tool.”

Jonathan Ford, Chairman of the Haller Foundation, & Founding Partner of Pearlfisher.
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