The Safeline app enables victims of sexual violence crimes in Warwickshire to access an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA), who can offer independent, specialist support, quickly, easily, discreetly, and safely.  

Safeline: Mobile App to Help Victims of Sexual Violence

The Safeline app is free to download, launched by specialist sexual abuse and rape charity; Safeline, to enable users in Warwickshire to refer victims of sexual abuse as quickly and easily as possible. The app has been designed for agencies in Warwickshire who may need to refer victims for specialist support, including, the Police, local authorities, NHS, GP’s, Schools, and Social Services.


Safeline approached Red C in need of a mobile app that would digitise the referral form process, streamlining processes for their internal team and the professional organisations that refer victims to the charity such as local authorities and police. Most importantly, Safeline hoped that a mobile app would open up accessibility to the charity so those in need of support are encouraged to come forward, with the hopes that more perpetrators will be held accountable across Warwickshire.

Red C has developed a simple and intuitive mobile app that enables users to refer themselves or others to the Safeline charity to access specialist, emotional, and practical support and services. The Safeline app encourages younger victims to come forward by offering a simple digital experience. All referrals are anonymous and the app can be used to ‘self-refer’ or refer anyone you may be concerned has suffered from sexual abuse or violence.



We worked collaboratively with Safeline to create three pathways that users can follow when they launch the app, to ensure that the ISVA's at Safeline capture all necessary information from the referral form. Users can select a 'Professional' referral form, a 'Family or Friend' referral form or choose to 'Self Refer' ensuring the necessary and appropriate information is asked depending on the referer. For example, 'Professional' referers are asked for a 'Crime Report Number' if applicable, and 'Self Referers' are encouraged to provide a 'Safe' contact number and address that Safeline can use to contact the victim discreetly.


Data security and confidentiality is a fundamental part of the referral process for the Safeline team as victim information and data must be treated with the greatest level of care. Therefore, as requested by the Safeline team, we ensured that the Safeline app does not store any user data, and does not work with a database or local storage. The app simply collects data from the completed referral form, sends it across to a secure Safeline address (ISVA) and the information is then immediately dumped so that it can never be accessed again.

  • Make a referral; 'Professional, Family/Friend, Self Referral'
  • Find out more about the Safeline charity and how they help victims of sexual violence and abuse in Warwickshire

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