Sitec's commercial management tool efficiently schedules and manages jobs for remote workers.  

Sitec: Fixed-Line Commercial Management Tool

Sitec is an industry leader in telecommunications infrastructure, delivery and project management. Sitec's dynamic, delivery-focused project management provides an end to end solution for the UK's mobile and fixed-line network operators. Red C partnered with Sitec to design and develop a fixed-line commercial management tool to streamline Sitec's internal processes and improve efficiencies for remote workers with a mobile application available on Android devices.


When Sitec first approached Red C they were experiencing issues with their existing staff scheduling system. Their existing provider was not proving valuable to the business and was difficult for Sitec's internal staff members to navigate. Subsequently, Sitec required a digital job management system to help improve remote worker efficiency and job scheduling, as well as this, the system needed to store health and safety documentation to improve accessibility for workers.

We created a fixed-line commercial management tool including high-level reports across both systems including 'total billed work', 'net profit', 'jobs outstanding' and 'payment milestones'. The most important aspect of the tool is the job scheduling, in which we created an algorithm to ensure that the backend admin is able to find the nearest available engineer and allocate him/her with a new job.


We worked closely with Sitec's internal team to map out the concept for a tool that would alleviate the issues Sitec's internal team were facing ensuring that the online system and remote worker's app were simple and easy to navigate, and deciphering how both platforms would function separately.

  • Create Engineer's profile
  • Create high-level reports
  • Job scheduling (including PDF uploads with job details) 
  • Timesheets (including weekly updates for staff) 
  • Import a CSV
  • Access health and safety documentation

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