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Native iOS / Android & HTML5


Discovery is the first stage of our process. This is where we meet you and listen to your idea. In this initial meeting, we give your idea a "stress test" by challenging any assumptions you may have made and investigate different research options that aim to understand your users and the problem space in greater detail. This way, you will be able to target your user's needs accurately and ensure your app is a success.

We will also spend some time discussing your business goals and work on how we can achieve these within your budget and timeframe.
Native iOS / Android & HTML5


The design and development of every product is different, therefore it is important to plan project milestones and provide clients with a timeline of deliverables.

At Red C, we use project management tools Instagantt, JIRA and Trello to manage design and development progress, schedule tasks and ensure that there is transparency between developers, the project manager and client. We also use Slack, Skype, and organise regular meetings to keep the client involved as we like to create strong, long-term partnerships based on clear and honest communication.
Native iOS / Android & HTML5


The Design Process: Empathise, Define, Ideate,  Prototype & User Testing, and Delivery.

Starting with empathy, we research and explore the problem space by speaking to your users from an objective perspective, and understanding their needs. This way, we can define the problem you wish to solve and start refining your app's features and functionalities to shape a solution. Using the information collected, we begin to ideate by sketching with pen and paper which lays the foundation for creating wireframes.

The wireframes are then shared with the client for approval before we create an interactive prototype that shows the functionality of your product. Once this has been approved, we carry out user testing in order to shape and refine the solution before the delivery of your design to our developers.
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Native iOS / Android & HTML5


Our team of developers build the product based on the visual design provided to the agreed specification. We use our in-house app delivery platform to send regular builds to your phone. We ensure that you are always kept up to date with the project and that progress is shared regularly according to the agreed milestones. Client feedback is recorded after each milestone and incorporated into the next build/release. Our developers are some of the best in the business - most haivng over 5 years experience. We always keep up to date with the lastest technologies and methods so you know your app will be reliable.
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Native iOS / Android & HTML5

Testing and Launch

This is the most exciting stage of the process! When your app is ready to be submitted to the Stores, your allocated project manager will develop a launch plan that aligns with your marketing strategy.

We design the screens that your users first see in the store, and pair this with a written description of the product by the client. We then manage the submission process to both the ‘Apple App’ or ‘Google Play’ stores and offer support plans for the future to suit your project needs.
Native iOS / Android & HTML5

Ongoing Support

Once your MVP is released and you are getting feedback from real users, it is likely that your app will need to have several updates of new features that better support the requirements of users. Therefore, we create a hosting and maintenance package that suits your requirements and covers regular app updates.

The security and relaibility of your app are key to it's success, therefore we install live monitoring of your server so we can respond immediately in case there are any issues.
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Why choose Red C?

With over 200 Red C apps in the app stores, it’s highly likely that we have built something similar to your idea before.
This puts us in a strong position to undertake your project and deliver it on time and on budget.
Thanks to our huge in-house code library and efficient processes, we are able to provide excellent value for money. We are proud of our reputation for delivering high quality apps at affordable rates.
We believe that having the right design and an engaging user experience is crucial to the development of a successful app. This includes taking the time to create a mock-up so that you can ensure you are happy with the look and feel of your app before any code is written.
Transparency and honest communication between client & developer are at the core of everything that we do at Red C. We want your app to be a complete success and we’ll always do everything that we can to ensure that it is.
We are passionate about finding solutions and implementing your idea from start to finish. We guide you through every step of the process by holding regular meetings and using online project management tools that allow you to see your project's progress at any given time.
Our office is based in Shoreditch London, where you’ll always receive a warm welcome. We don’t employ commission based sales staff, so when you talk with one of us you’re speaking directly with a highly experienced team member.
Native iOS
& Android apps
HTML5 cross platform apps
Web service connections
Back-end database integration
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Dedicated UX / UI Design

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