Our 6 Step Process

There are no shortcuts to creating a successful app. Getting the foundation right before a line of code is written is key to creating an outstanding app, this is our tried and tested approach that we follow to ensure the success of your project:

1. The Initial Meeting

Following your initial enquiry, we meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements in further detail. We love having people visit our office so you can see our workspace and meet the team. However, if preferred, we are also happy to come to you. We will talk you through the development process, offer you expert advice, and show you how we can help.

2. Proposal & Contract

Once we’ve gathered a solid criteria, we create a formal proposal outlining the app's features so you can see a clear breakdown of the cost and a timescale of your project's completion. Once this is approved, we will arrange for a contract to be drafted, covering a full scope of the project. Each project is assigned a dedicated personal project manager who will keep you updated and be your point of contact throughout the development journey.

3. Your Discovery Workshop

We will arrange a workshop session with you and one of our experienced UX/UI designers to officially start the process! Depending on whether you already have branding, we are able to put together a visual mood board with design inspiration, and detailing results from any competitor analysis.

4. Designing Your App

Our design process is split into two parts. We begin with ‘User Experience’ design in the form of wireframes. These are basic blueprints outlining the core functionality and user journey of your app (or website). We upload these designs to our prototyping software which we can share easily and securely with you. Once the wireframes are finalised, we bring them to life by applying the full visual design (UI Design). This includes applying colour schemes, font styles, iconography and imagery, all of which compliment and adhere to your brand guidelines.

5. Development & Testing

We pass on the designs to our experienced development experts to commence the app's coding. You will be kept well informed on its progress and will receive regular test builds from your project manager. As we approach the final build we conduct full assurance testings to ensure your app is of a high quality.

6. Launching Your App

As expected, there are many specific requirements to be met when submitting a completed app to the Apple, Google Play or Windows stores. Red C has a wealth of experience and can guide you through this exciting part of the process!

And Beyond...

At Red C, we value long term business relationships, so for us, the launch is only the beginning. From the outset we'll discuss with you our services for marketing, support and maintenance.

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We are approachable and you won't be speaking to a hard-nosed salesperson. Even if you don't choose us for your project, at the very least an initial chat will help you to solidify your app requirements and understanding.
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