Team Bio's

Sohaib Raja

Technical Director

Sohaib's key responsibilities include overseeing all projects under development and all operations. He is also in charge of defining technological strategies and evaluating development plans to improve performance. Sohaib manages all hosting and maintenance.

Sohaib has been delivering digital solutions for over 10 years. He has exceptional software development skills and has used these in his role as technical architect of many enterprise-level web & mobile applications. Sohaib oversees all Red C project's from start to finish resolving any issues passed to him by the project managers and ensuring that the highest technical standards are met. He uses his technical skills to ensure that all solution we provide are efficient and updated. Sohaib is also responsible for ensuring that the end product is delivered to the client on time and to the specifications agreed. He is involved in all stages of a project from advising on client's of app requirements to delivering and maintaining the end product.

Sohaib's favourite app is Citymapper because it is very well designed and developed, and it helps him greatly on the daily commute to Red C.

Interesting Fact: Sohaib wrote his first code when he was 9 years old!



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