Team Bio's

Tom Braybrooke

UX/UI Designer

Tom's key responsibilities include listening to clients and users to gain a full understanding of the problem at hand. He then uses this information to build efficient user journeys that flow.

Tom is involved throughout the entire design process; taking early ideas and helping them grow into into great user experiences.

His key responsibilities as a UX/UI designer are to understand the focus behind the idea and the problem it is solving, use this information to drive creative thinking and build wireframes with intuitive user flows, before developing the concept into a beautiful and exciting finished product.

Tom graduated from Loughborough University in 2017, having studied Industrial Design and then User Experience. He see’s user-centred design as the driving force behind innovation, and wants to be responsible for inventive, functional and enjoyable design solutions that bring genuine value to the people that use them.

Tom has recently created the designs for ClipFix, YoungPlanet and Centtrip

Tom's favourite app is Drinki because it's a simple idea that works really well - and who doesn't love a free drink!

Interesting Fact: Tom can rip an apple in half with his bare hands



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