At Red C, we love helping startups bring their concepts to life. We take time to understand your idea and the problem you are trying to solve, we can then bring our depth of experience to create a solution which will set you apart from your competitors.

Based on our many years of experience working with startup companies in the app development sector, we understand the business needs of startups. Whether you are looking to create an MVP or a Prototype app to put in-front of VCs and investors, or you wish to design and develop your entire product, Red C can help.

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Startup services

Design and discovery

Our design and discovery package gives you everything you need to create a successful app. We start with a brainstorming session where we 'stress test' your idea and look at any way we can refine it. Our UX designers will then create a site map, wireframes and a clickable prototype. After testing the user journeys we will create full screen mockups and a technical scope of work. Find out more about our design process here.

iOS App Development for startups

iPhones and iPads dominate the market in the UK and US, so we often recommend that startups launch their product on iOS first in order to target the widest possible Western market. iOS native development provides a high quality user experience ensuring your product is as simple and intuitive as possible.

Android App Development for startupS

Android is open-source, it offers more flexibility enabling you to customise your app by incorporating features that your audience would like to see or benefit from. With their huge range of reasonably priced handsets, Android can be a good choice for a Startup solution.

HyBRiD App Development for startups

Hybrid apps can be deployed on both iOS and Android platforms, from one codebase. We use the Ionic or React Native frameworks, meaning that we are able to access some native features of the phone while using HTML5 as the development language. However, whilst HTML5 development provide monetary savings there are limitations in functionality and quality.

PROTOTYPE APP for startups

A prototype app is often a good way to test an app before launching into full scale development. Our designers and developers will create several user journeys based on the core features and functionalities of the app. The app will not include real data or a backend but the prototype will be made up of enough screens to test the app with potential users, or show funders the viability of the app. For example, we designed a sleek prototype for the Gift of Giving app, facilitating the giving and receiving of charitable gifts/aid.

MVP APP for startups

We always recommend starting with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This involves stripping back your idea to the core functionality that is going to give your users the most value and solve the biggest problem. Our discovery workshop involves spending half a day with our team where we work with you to prioritise features and define the core functionality.


Luvdup: bespoke mobile gaming app for couples

The Luvdup app allows users to connect with their partners, friends and family to trade, award or deduct ‘luv points’ as a reward or penalty for their actions, facilitating stronger bonds.

Intellidrive: bespoke mobile app to track driving miles

Intellidrive is a mileage tracking app aimed at employees who drive for work purposes. The app makes it easier to track business mileage and separate it from personal mileage. Intellidrive have an in-house team of developers who approached Red C to design an engaging and intuitive interface as well as a brand for their startup company.

Gift of Giving: creating a personal relationship between donor & recipient

Gift of Giving facilitates the disintermediation of charities from the giving process by creating a personal relationship between the donor and the recipient. The app encourages users to share the story behind their need, creating a narrative behind the giving process and a personalised experience for both parties. Once the recipient's need has been met, they must share feedback with the donor to update them on what their money went towards, facilitating visibility.

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