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John Fisher

John Fisher

Director of Business Strategy
John's key responsibilities include managing business strategy. He also works on implementing Red C's values and brand engagement.

John's extensive business and marketing experience, both nationally and internationally gives him the ideal background to chair Red C's growth ambitions. John took a Masters Degree at Oxford University before specialising in corporate marketing and communications. In his 30 year career he has developed and sold on several organisations while retaining a keen eye on the detail of growing and grooming business.

John created the Diploma in Motivations and Incentives for the IPM and has written 7 books on marketing, including 'Strategic Brand Engagement'. He is also the Managing Director of FMI Ltd. which specialise in communications and performance improvement for large plc's.

John's favourite app is Trainline as he uses this weekly for travel.
Interesting Fact: John has 6 brothers, no sisters, and can speak and write in 4 languages... five if you count Old Norse!

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