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Meet our creative team of individuals. Here at Red C, we relish in solving the most complex technical challenges. We stay ahead of the game by investing in training for our employees and constantly researching and refining our processes.

Lucinda Vieira-Martins

Lucinda Vieira-Martins

Lead UI / UX Designer
Lucinda deals with all things innovation and design; from creating icons for the Red C website, to branding and shaping visuals for client apps and web systems.

After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a Degree in Product Design, Lucinda followed her interest in how users interact with technology, to shape a career in UX/UI design. As lead designer, Lucinda's main task is to understand a client's app idea and take it from a concept to an intuitive user journey that is attractive and fulfills the requirements laid out by the client.

Lucinda's favourite app is Fashtagd because she enjoyed mixing her interest of fashion with design to work on this‚Äąproject.
Interesting Fact: At the age of 8, Lucinda was offered an audition at the Royal Ballet School!

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