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Meet our creative team of individuals. Here at Red C, we relish in solving the most complex technical challenges. We stay ahead of the game by investing in training for our employees and constantly researching and refining our processes.

Luke Jeffery

Luke Jeffery

Senior Project Manager
Luke's main responsibilities include project documentation and planning, as well as offering technical advice. He also manages App Store submissions.

Luke is our Senior Technical Account Manager with a wealth of experience who manages complex and technically challenging projects. Luke provides feedback and advice to clients about their app, leading them through every step of the development process. Not only does he set business objectives, but he works with our developers to meet deadlines, and helps clients launch their app by managing the submission process to different app stores. Luke also continues working with clients when their project is complete to update their app with the latest features. He says "I have a strong sense of pride in the projects I undertake, so it is important that I see projects through successfully from start to finish.'

Luke's favourite app is Monzo because he loves the design and the instant feedback via push notifications on any purchase. He says it is also very handy when travelling, too!
Interesting Fact: Luke was born in Austrailia: He once rode a Kangaroo to school when he was 10!

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