UX Design & Engagement Review

Is your website or app underperforming?

Think about how many times you've left a website feeling frustrated not having found what you were looking for? 

At Red C, we are often approached by clients who market a great product or service, yet struggle to generate conversions through their website or app. In most cases, this is down to poor user experience. Unfortunately, user experience is the most important part of creating an environment that encourages users to invest. 

All websites and apps should have a clearly defined user journey that navigates customers through a simple yet intuitive workflow, providing them with useful information, and leading to a sale. 

Uncover areas of weakness
Understand customer needs
Improve  engagement
Increase conversion rates
Grow your business
UX Usability Testing
Persona Profile
Customer Journey Map
User Flow
Research Findings

The example UX Design and Engagement Review below is ideal for medium sized companies, looking to review their website or app and learn how to make positive, result driven changes.  Prices start from £3000.

What we do:

  • Configure Google Analytics
  • Setup conversion tracking
  • Setup SEO monitoring
  • Setup heating and scroll map 
  • Create online customer survey
  • Usability testing with customers
  • Customer Interviews (5-10)
  • High-level social media review
  • Carry out competitor Research

What you will receive in a report:

  • High-Level Learning Goals
  • Google Analytics insights
  • SEO insights
  • Survey results with analysis
  • Heat and scroll map feedback
  • Survey results with analysis
  • Usability testing findings and recommendations
  • Persona Profile
  • Empathy Map
  • Social media feedback
  • Competitor Analysis Report
  • An implementation plan