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About Us

Welcome to Red C, a pioneer in mobile app development nestled in the heart of London. Since our inception in 2002 and our significant leap into the mobile app space in 2007, we’ve been at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our journey began with advanced enterprise web systems, evolving swiftly to craft some of the first apps that graced the App Store. At Red C, we blend cutting-edge technology with our refined, clockwork-precise processes to push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering digital solutions that offer genuine, lasting value to our clients and their users.


Years Heritage

Our tenure as a leading app agency began in 2007 (our apps were amongst the first to hit the AppStore)


apps developed

There are currently over 200 Red C-developed apps available on the AppStores.


Local Talent, Global Impact

Our UK based team brings world-class expertise to every project.


Industry Awards

Our innovative solutions have earned us over 8 industry accolades, underscoring our leadership in digital excellence.

About Red C

At Red C, our approach is rooted in strategic, design-led development anchored by meticulous user research.

This method ensures every feature and functionality of our mobile apps and web systems meets and exceeds our clients’s expectations, perfectly aligning with their business objectives and user needs. The result? Efficient, impactful digital solutions that truly resonate.

Proudly based in London, we stand out as one of the premier agencies with an entirely UK-based team of app developers. This distinction guarantees clear, timely communication and the invaluable opportunity for in-person collaboration throughout the development journey.

Dedication defines our team. We are committed to upholding Red C’s esteemed reputation for delivering each project precisely to specifications within the set timeline and budget. It’s not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them every time.

Meet the team

Our approach

1. Discover

During the consultancy phase, we rigorously scrutinise your idea, asking probing questions to fully comprehend your business objectives and the challenges you aim to overcome. We outline a comprehensive strategy to develop a solution that resonates with your target audience, laying the foundation for your project’s triumph.

2. Define

We collaborate closely to scope your project, prioritising features into ‘Must-Haves’, ‘Should-Haves’, ‘Could-Haves’, and ‘Won’t-Haves’. This process crystallises your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ensuring we laser-focus on essential functionalities that deliver tangible value.

3. Design

Delving deeper into the problem, our design team ideates, creates, and refines solutions guided by thorough research. The result is an interactive prototype that showcases the user flow and core functionalities, primed for user feedback and iteration.

4. Develop

Our seasoned development team breathes life into your vision, constructing the product to exacting specifications and sharing progress at critical junctures. We actively incorporate your feedback, ensuring the final product aligns seamlessly with your vision and user needs.

5. Deploy

Success hinges on meticulous testing and a seamless launch. We craft a tailored launch plan, handle app store submissions, and provide comprehensive support options to ensure your app is robust, reliable, and primed to make an indelible impact.

Our 5D process


Our Values - The Bedrock of Our Success

With over 200 Red C-developed apps gracing the app stores, we’ve probably lent our app consultancy expertise to projects akin to yours. This vast experience allows us to build apps with remarkable efficiency, delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

At the core of our approach lie the values that have propelled us to the forefront of our industry.


Who we work with

We work with Start-ups, SMEs and large Enterprises across a wide range of sectors.

Our clients

We’re always looking for talented people