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Air Translator

Breaking language barriers

In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to overcome language barriers is more crucial than ever. Air Translator, developed by Red C, is a groundbreaking mobile translation service that seamlessly connects users with professional translators across the globe. Offering over 43 languages through the expertise of more than 3,900 linguists in over 70 countries, Air Translator is designed to cater to the diverse needs of both casual travellers and business professionals alike, ensuring communication remains fluent and effective, regardless of geographical and linguistic boundaries.

The challenge

Travelers and international business professionals often encounter significant challenges due to language barriers, impacting their ability to navigate new environments, engage with local cultures, or conduct business efficiently. Recognising this, Air Translator aimed to create a platform that could offer immediate, high-quality interpretation services to meet the varied demands of its users, facilitating smoother communication worldwide.

The solution

Collaborating with Air Translator, Red C developed a mobile app that embodies instant connectivity and ease of use. Our solution includes:

  • Dual Logins for Enhanced Usability: Separate logins for translators and customers, enabling personalised user profiles for a tailored experience.
  • Instant Access to Professional Linguists: Users can easily book interpretations, selecting linguists based on language proficiency, location, and expertise, directly within the app.
  • Real-Time Communication: Leveraging the Twilio service, we integrated features for real-time calls, messaging, and picture messaging, all designed within the client’s brand guidelines to ensure a cohesive and engaging user experience.

Personalisation and Convenience: The app allows users to save their favourite linguists and book international business events, streamlining the process of building an international brand image.

Features Include:

  • Translator profiles with certification upload and cost-per-minute settings.
  • Advanced search functionality for finding the right translator.
  • A featured page highlighting selected translators for easy access.
  • Live chat translation with image sharing, voice note recording, and direct calls.
  • PayPal integration for secure and convenient payments.

The result

Since its launch, Air Translator has been met with enthusiastic acclaim, being lauded as an ‘awesome app’ by users who particularly value its utility in international travel and business contexts. The app’s ability to connect individuals directly with linguists for on-the-spot translation and interpretation has:

  • Enhanced the travel experience for users by breaking down language barriers.
  • Supported international business professionals in engaging more effectively with global markets.
  • Received positive feedback for its user-friendly design and practical features, reinforcing Red C’s reputation as a developer of innovative digital solutions.

Red C: Bridging Language Gaps with Innovative Technology

At Red C, we’re committed to creating digital solutions that address real-world problems. Air Translator stands as a testament to our ability to innovate and deliver technology that connects, empowers, and transcends linguistic challenges, facilitating smoother communication for a global audience.