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Award winning app for children's charity

Barnardo’s, a leading children’s charity, in collaboration with Red C, crafted the ‘Wud U?’ app to tackle the sensitive issue of sexual exploitation among young people. This innovative app, which clinched the 2014 UK App Design Awards in the ‘Not For Profit’ category, combines engaging interactive scenarios with educational content to inform users about the risks of sexual exploitation. The app’s purpose extends beyond education; it aims to foster a safe environment for young people to learn and discuss openly, encouraging them to share their experiences and the knowledge gained through social media.

The challenge

Barnardo’s identified a critical need for an educational tool that resonates with young audiences, one that could effectively communicate the dangers of sexual exploitation in an engaging, non-didactic manner. The challenge was to design an app that not only educates but also empowers young people to recognize and react to potentially harmful situations, using a platform familiar and accessible to them.

The solution

Red C rose to the challenge, creating the ‘Wud U?’ app as a solution:

  • Interactive Real-Life Scenarios: Utilizing stories based on real accounts from young individuals who have worked with Barnardo’s, the app immerses users in situations where they must make decisions, teaching them to identify and avoid exploitative behaviours.
  • Engaging Design and Illustrations: Commissioned illustrators brought these scenarios to life, crafting visuals that speak directly to the target audience, making the learning experience both engaging and memorable.
  • Social Media Integration: Recognizing the power of social sharing, the app enables users to share their learning outcomes, spreading awareness of sexual exploitation and ways to prevent it among peers.

Process and Features

  • User-Centric Research: Red C’s dedication to creating a relevant and impactful tool led to conducting workshops with young people, ensuring the app’s content and approach resonate well with its intended audience.
  • Critical Resources and Support: Beyond interactive stories, ‘Wud U?’ offers a ‘Be Safe’ section, resources, and support options for young people at risk, making it a comprehensive tool for education and aid.

The result

Since its release, the ‘Wud U?’ app has achieved:

  • Acclaimed Public Reception: Garnering positive feedback for its stories, tips, and user-friendly design, ‘Wud U?’ has been hailed as an essential tool in educating young people about sexual exploitation.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: The app’s innovative approach to a pressing issue was recognized with a win at the 2014 UK App Design Awards, highlighting its significance and effectiveness in the non-profit sector.

In crafting ‘Wud U?’, Barnardo’s and Red C have provided a valuable platform for young people to learn about and discuss sexual exploitation in a safe, interactive environment, setting a new standard for educational apps in the not-for-profit sector.