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Digitising processes to enhance the customer experience

Cafe2U, recognized for its award-winning coffee and unique service model, brings a barista-quality coffee experience to ‘non-traditional’ locations, from bustling office parks to lively community events. To elevate their customer experience and streamline operations, Cafe2U partnered with Red C to develop a mobile app that digitizes their beloved coffee service, integrating modern technology with their commitment to community and convenience.

The challenge

Despite the popularity of Cafe2U’s mobile coffee delivery and loyalty program, the service faced challenges in visibility and customer engagement due to its reliance on physical loyalty cards and the absence of real-time tracking. The need for a digital transformation was evident—to offer customers enhanced visibility, convenience, and a seamless loyalty program without compromising the personal touch that defines the Cafe2U experience.

The solution

Red C crafted a comprehensive mobile app solution tailored to Cafe2U’s unique service model, focusing on:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Implementing live driver tracking and push notifications, such as “your driver is on the way,” to keep customers informed and engaged.
  • Digital Loyalty Program: Transitioning from paper-based loyalty cards to a digital format, customers now manage loyalty stamps and free drinks with ease, supported by a QR code system for effortless redemption and tracking by drivers.
  • Preserving Community Spirit: Careful not to overshadow the brand’s hallmark community feel, the app was designed to complement the social interaction between customers and drivers, enhancing rather than automating the coffee break experience.

Process and Features

  • Collaborative Design: Working in close collaboration with Cafe2U, Red C ensured the app maintained the essence of Cafe2U’s community-focused service while introducing digital conveniences that customers have come to expect.
  • Comprehensive Features: The app includes features such as driver tracking with live updates, push notifications for service alerts, a digital loyalty card system for collecting stamps and earning free drinks, and QR code functionality for processing pre-purchased beverages and loyalty stamps.
  • User-Centric Development: The development process prioritized user experience, ensuring that the transition to digital would enhance, rather than disrupt, the unique Cafe2U customer experience.

The result

The launch of the Cafe2U mobile app has significantly enhanced the customer experience by:

  • Improving Service Visibility: Customers now enjoy real-time updates on their coffee delivery, bringing a new level of convenience and anticipation to coffee breaks.
  • Streamlining Loyalty and Payments: The digitalization of the loyalty program and introduction of pre-paid drink credits have simplified transactions, making every coffee break a hassle-free experience.
  • Strengthening Community Connections: Despite the digital transformation, the app has bolstered the sense of community Cafe2U is known for, by facilitating easier interactions and rewarding customer loyalty.

With Red C’s expertise, Cafe2U has successfully navigated the shift to digital, proving that technology can enhance traditional services by making them more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for customers, all while preserving the community spirit that sets Cafe2U apart.