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CORE Retail

Internal product management platform

Core, a frontrunner in the UK’s telecom industry, recognized the limitations imposed by their outdated legacy system on their ability to offer cutting-edge telecom solutions. The system’s complexities hindered both manageability and maintenance, prompting Core to seek Red C’s expertise for a comprehensive platform overhaul. The collaboration aimed to rejuvenate Core’s internal SIM and product management platform, ensuring it reflects the company’s commitment to ‘telecoms solutions through innovation’.

The challenge

Faced with an aging legacy system that was increasingly cumbersome to use and maintain, Core needed a development partner capable of not only redesigning their existing platform but also providing sustained technical support. The primary challenge was to modernize the platform without disrupting ongoing operations, thereby enhancing functionality and user experience.

The solution

Red C responded with a strategic plan to rejuvenate Core’s platform, employing an agile development methodology that allowed for incremental improvements and regular feature rollouts:

  • Agile Development: A dedicated Red C team adopted agile practices to systematically upgrade the system, focusing on enhancing functionality and user experience through two-week sprints.
  • On-Site Collaboration: To fully grasp Core’s business processes and system architecture, Red C’s developers worked alongside Core’s in-house team, fostering a deep understanding of the business requirements.
  • Feature Enhancements: New features, including a sophisticated credit management system, were developed and implemented, alongside taking over support and maintenance responsibilities with a dedicated team.

Process and Features

  • Comprehensive Collaboration: Red C’s immersive approach to understanding Core’s business model and system requirements laid the groundwork for a successful platform redesign.
  • Innovative Feature Implementation: The new platform boasts functionalities essential for modern e-commerce and product management, including customer login, credit control, order management, invoicing, and a rewards system.
  • Dial-a-Code Mobile App: In addition to the web application, Red C manages Core’s Dial-a-Code mobile app, enhancing international dialling capabilities and providing users with direct access to personal contacts.

The result

The revitalization of Core’s product management platform has heralded a new era in the company’s operational capabilities:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The modernized platform significantly streamlines internal processes, from order management to invoicing, reflecting Core’s innovative ethos.
  • Ongoing Support and Evolution: Red C’s commitment to continuous improvement and dedicated technical support ensures the platform remains at the forefront of telecom solutions.
  • Broadened Service Offerings: With the Dial-a-Code app’s integration, Core expands its telecom solutions, offering international calling features directly from smartphones.

Through this strategic partnership, Red C has enabled Core to shed the constraints of outdated technology, paving the way for enhanced productivity, innovation, and growth in the competitive telecom industry.