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Connecting field staff, head office & clients

In the competitive field of Ventilation Hygiene and Asbestos Remediation, Ductclean UK has established itself as a leader, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Recognising the need to modernize and streamline operations, Ductclean partnered with Red C to digitise their internal processes. The result was a bespoke iPad app that bridges the gap between field staff, administrators, and clients, offering unprecedented transparency and efficiency in project management and execution.

The challenge

Ductclean’s reliance on outdated, paper-based systems was hampering efficiency and scalability. This traditional approach led to delays in communication between the field staff and head office, and a lack of real-time project transparency for clients. In an industry where precision and timely delivery are critical, these inefficiencies were increasingly untenable. Ductclean needed a digital solution that could keep pace with their growing business and the evolving demands of their clients for greater transparency and accountability.

The solution

Red C responded with a comprehensive mobile app solution, tailored to Ductclean’s unique operational needs. Our approach involved:

  • Digitisation of Paper-based Processes: Transitioning all job management and reporting functions from paper to digital, significantly reducing delays and errors.
  • Real-time Communication: Enabling instant updates and communications between field staff and administrators, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Client Transparency: Providing clients with real-time access to project progress and outcomes, fostering trust and satisfaction.
  • User-friendly Backend System: Developing an intuitive backend that allows administrators to efficiently manage and schedule jobs, monitor project status, and address issues promptly.


  • Job Management: Field staff can accept or reject jobs, navigate to sites, and log work hours directly through the app.
  • Documentation and Reporting: On-site forms, customer feedback, and work permits are digitised, with capabilities for uploading site survey documents and maintenance work images.
  • Supervisory Oversight: A dashboard for administrators offers a comprehensive overview of job statuses and flags issues, facilitating efficient project management and quality control.

The result

The introduction of the bespoke iPad app has revolutionised Ductclean’s operational capabilities, leading to:

  • Enhanced Business Efficiency: Streamlined processes have significantly improved the speed and accuracy of job management and reporting.
  • Increased Client Satisfaction: The transparency provided by the app has been a key factor in winning larger contracts, as clients appreciate the visibility into project progress and outcomes.
  • Growth Opportunities: The digital transformation has positioned Ductclean to leverage new business opportunities, further cementing their leadership in the industry.

Through strategic digitisation, Red C has helped Ductclean elevate their service delivery and operational efficiency, setting a new standard for transparency and connectivity in the ventilation hygiene and asbestos remediation sector.