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eCPD Transforming NHS Training with Digital Innovation

At Red C, we’re passionate about transforming challenges into digital triumphs. Our latest venture with Barts Health, the UK’s largest NHS trust, showcases our commitment to revolutionising healthcare through technology. By developing the eCPD app, we’ve turned a cumbersome, paper-based training system into a streamlined, digital success story, enhancing the professional development of over 14,000 NHS staff across East London.

The challenge

Barts Health faced a daunting task: modernising its outdated training system. With a staff of 14,000 needing to stay up-to-date with their professional development without spending excessive time away from the frontline, the existing paper-based process was inefficient and time-consuming. The trust needed a solution that could provide flexible, accessible training to meet the diverse needs of its workforce.

The solution

Red C stepped in to create the eCPD app, a comprehensive digital platform designed for iOS, Android, and Windows to ensure wide accessibility. Our approach was twofold:

Personalised Learning Experience: We developed a user-friendly app that allows NHS staff to access training modules anytime, anywhere. This flexibility means that learning can be tailored to each individual’s schedule and learning pace without compromising their critical frontline duties.

Efficient Management System: Collaborating closely with the Barts Health director of Academic Health Sciences, we established an online backend control panel. This system enables administrators to upload new course content effortlessly, ensuring the app remains a dynamic, evolving tool for professional development.

Features include:

  • A personalised learning feed, recommending modules based on the user’s profession and interests.
  • A development plan feature, allowing users to track mandatory training and select optional modules for further learning.
  • Real-time notifications upon module completion, encouraging continuous engagement.

The result

The eCPD app has fundamentally transformed how Barts Health approaches staff training, yielding remarkable results:

  • Increased Compliance: Since the app’s introduction, statutory training compliance has surged to 93%, demonstrating its effectiveness in engaging staff in their professional development.
  • Time Savings: The digital solution has significantly reduced the time staff spend away from their duties for training, maximising efficiency and service delivery on the frontline.
  • Further Innovations: Encouraged by the app’s success, eHealthPD, the parent company, has commissioned Red C to develop a series of applications aimed at improving the working lives of NHS staff further.

Red C: Pioneering Digital Solutions for Healthcare

At Red C, we’re not just developing apps; we’re crafting solutions that make a difference. The eCPD app is a testament to our vision of leveraging technology to enhance professional development and improve healthcare outcomes. Explore how our innovative approach is setting new standards in the healthcare sector.