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First Avenue Partners

Facilitating greater insight for FAP clients

First Avenue Partners (FAP), renowned for bridging private funds with institutional investors, embarked on a journey with Red C to revolutionize how their clients access services and information. The creation of a bespoke app for both iOS and Android platforms marks a significant leap towards innovation in the financial sector, offering FAP’s clients instant, customised reporting and deeper insights into their investment projects.

The challenge

FAP’s Managing Partner and Founder, Paul Buckley, expressed a bold vision: to provide clients with continuous access to their fundraising progress, thereby enhancing the overall fundraise experience. This ambition required a partner capable of understanding and materialising FAP’s innovative concept into a reliable, user-centric app that would stand out in the competitive placement world.

The solution

Red C took up the challenge, crafting an application that mirrors FAP’s commitment to service excellence and innovation:

  • Brand-Centric Design: The app embodies FAP’s brand identity, featuring user-friendly icons and graphs for an intuitive understanding of project progress.
  • Salesforce Integration: A middleware system bridges FAP’s Salesforce data with the mobile app, ensuring administrative and security integrity by leveraging the highly secure Rackspace Cloud for data storage.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: By facilitating direct access to fundraising statuses, the app streamlines the connection between FAP and its clients, offering a transparent, efficient communication channel.

Process and Features

  • Secure Interaction: The app includes security measures like Secure Pin Lock and Touch ID to ensure client data protection.
  • Investment Tracking: Clients can view clear, dynamically updated graphs showing the progress of their investment projects, alongside a calendar for key dates and deadlines.
  • Continuous Updates: A dedicated feed provides the latest investor news and updates, keeping clients informed and engaged.

The result

The collaboration between Red C and First Avenue Partners has set a new standard in the financial services industry by:

  • Providing Round-the-Clock Access: FAP clients now enjoy 24/7 access to personalised reports on their fundraising activities.
  • Promoting Transparency: The app has significantly enhanced the transparency of FAP’s services, fostering trust and satisfaction among its clientele.
  • Driving Innovation: FAP’s forward-thinking approach, realized through the app’s development, positions them as a leader in adopting technology to improve client experiences in the financial sector.

This bespoke app not only underscores Red C’s expertise in delivering innovative digital solutions but also demonstrates how technology can transform client service and engagement in the financial services industry.