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Gift Of Giving

Creating a personal relationship between donor & recipient

Gift of Giving represents a pivotal shift in how charitable contributions are made, facilitating direct, meaningful connections between donors and recipients. By sharing stories and personal needs, this app, crafted by Red C, bridges the gap, creating a transparent, narrative-driven giving process. This innovative platform not only streamlines the act of giving but also enriches the experience, making each donation part of a larger, personal story.

The challenge

The concept of Gift of Giving was born out of a clear need for greater transparency and personal connection in the charitable giving process. Traditional methods left donors questioning the impact of their contributions and recipients lacking a voice. The client envisioned an app that could offer a more intimate, impactful giving experience by allowing users to share the stories behind their needs, thereby fostering a personal bond between the donor and the recipient.

The solution

To bring this vision to life, Red C embarked on designing the Gift of Giving app with a focus on personal narrative and interaction:

  • InVision Prototype: A sleek, interactive prototype was developed, emphasizing ease of use and engaging storytelling through messaging, video uploads, and a feed of success stories.
  • Personalised Interaction: Implementing messaging functionality and the option for users to upload videos personalizes the donation process, allowing donors and recipients to communicate directly.
  • Success Stories Feed: Highlighting the impact of donations through success stories encourages ongoing engagement and transparency, showcasing the tangible difference made by each contribution.

Process and Features

  • Discovery & User Flow: An initial phase focused on mapping out the user journey, ensuring an intuitive and engaging experience from the outset.
  • Sitemap Evolution: The design evolved to include messaging functionality, recognizing the need for fluid communication between donors and recipients.
  • Interactive Prototyping: Using InVision, we developed a dynamic prototype that allowed for real-time feedback and adjustments, ensuring the app’s design was both functional and visually appealing.
  • UI Design & Development: Finalizing the UI design, we applied branding elements to the wireframes, creating a cohesive look and feel before moving into the development phase.

The result

  • The Gift of Giving app has redefined the charitable giving landscape by:
    • Enhancing Transparency: Donors now see exactly how their contributions are used, thanks to direct feedback from recipients.
    • Building Connections: The app fosters personal relationships between donors and recipients, making each donation part of a shared journey.
    • Facilitating Accessibility: With its user-friendly interface, the app opens up new opportunities for those in need to share their stories and find support.

    Through innovative design and thoughtful implementation, Red C has helped Gift of Giving transform the concept of charity into a deeply personal, shared experience between donors and recipients, marking a new era in philanthropy.