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Bespoke mobile app to track driving miles

In the dynamic world of mobile app development, Intellidrive stands out as a beacon of innovation for employees who drive for work. Tasked with the challenge of distinguishing business mileage from personal travel, Intellidrive approached Red C to craft an engaging interface and establish a distinctive brand identity for their startup. This partnership was aimed at making mileage tracking effortless and accurate for drivers everywhere.

The challenge

Daily, thousands of UK drivers navigate the roads for work-related travel without a straightforward method to track their business mileage separately from personal use. This oversight often leads to missed opportunities for tax savings, as unreported business mileage cannot be claimed. Intellidrive sought to address this gap by offering a digital solution that leverages modern technology to simplify mileage tracking for work purposes.

The solution

Leveraging the Intellidrive team’s technical expertise, Red C embarked on designing an intuitive user interface and developing a cohesive brand identity that resonated with the target audience. Our process included:

  • Market Research: Deep diving into user needs and preferences to inform our design strategy, resulting in a mood board that captured the essence of potential design directions.
  • Logo & Branding: Crafting a logo that symbolized continuous movement and the infinite journey of driving – an endless road shaped like an infinity symbol, perfectly encapsulating the Intellidrive ethos.
  • User Journey: Creating efficient user flow sketches and wireframes to ensure a seamless experience, culminating in the delivery of comprehensive visual designs to the client.

The result

The collaboration between Intellidrive and Red C yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new interface and brand identity significantly improved user engagement, making business mileage tracking a simpler, more pleasant task.
  • Increased Tax Savings: With an intuitive app to easily separate and report business mileage, drivers and companies can now maximise their tax deductions.
  • Startup Success: The reimagined Intellidrive app has positioned the company as a leader in mileage tracking solutions, embodying innovation and user-centric design.

Through strategic design and insightful branding, Red C helped transform Intellidrive from a promising startup idea into a vital tool for drivers across the UK, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing digital experiences and fostering startup growth.