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Visual collaboration services

Involve Visual Collaboration, a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge audiovisual and visual collaboration solutions across vital sectors, including healthcare and justice, recognized the necessity for a digital transformation to manage their client and licensing operations more efficiently. In their pursuit of operational excellence and enhanced client service, Involve partnered with Red C to develop a bespoke web portal designed to seamlessly manage customer accounts, user access, and license renewals for PEXIP, a leading third-party video conferencing provider.

The challenge

Involve’s diverse service offerings necessitated a robust, scalable solution to simplify the complexities of client account and license management. The existing manual processes were time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked the agility needed in the fast-paced world of visual communication. Involve needed a system that could not only streamline these processes but also provide a user-friendly interface for both their staff and clients, ensuring easy access to essential services and support.


The solution

Red C crafted a comprehensive web-based portal, incorporating several innovative features to address Involve’s unique challenges:

  • Custom User Roles and Permissions: Tailored access controls were established to cater to different user roles within the portal, ensuring secure and efficient management of client accounts and licenses.
  • Automated License Management: The portal automates the allocation, renewal, and monitoring of licenses, significantly reducing manual oversight and improving operational efficiency.
  • Integrated Client and Room Management: Enhanced functionalities allow for the easy management of customer profiles, users, and virtual meeting rooms, streamlining the process for both Involve staff and their clients.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Alerts: Advanced reporting tools and automated alert systems for license expirations and renewals ensure clients and staff are always informed, promoting proactive management and continuous service improvement.

Process and Features

The development process was highly collaborative, involving in-depth consultations with Involve to ensure the platform met all specified requirements and user needs. Key aspects of the process included:

  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the platform’s accessibility and optimal performance across all devices, providing a seamless experience for users whether on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Secure Integration with PEXIP: Establishing a robust integration framework for seamless communication between the portal and PEXIP’s conferencing services, enabling efficient management of rooms and licenses.
  • User-Centric Interface: Focusing on creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies complex processes, making it easier for clients to manage their services and for Involve to support their customers effectively.

The result

The implementation of the Involve VC Portal has yielded significant improvements in how Involve manages its client and licensing operations by:

  • Streamlining Operational Processes: The portal has markedly reduced the time and resources needed to manage client accounts and licenses, allowing Involve to focus on delivering high-quality services.
  • Enhancing Client Satisfaction: With easy access to account information, license management, and support services, clients enjoy a more streamlined and satisfying service experience.
  • Supporting Business Growth: The scalable design of the portal accommodates Involve’s growing client base and expanding service offerings, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of the visual collaboration industry.

This project highlights Red C’s expertise in delivering tailored digital solutions that solve complex business challenges, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing client service and operational efficiency in the visual communication sector.