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Jaguar Land Rover

iPad app to manage launch events

Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s premier automobile manufacturer, faced significant challenges in orchestrating launch events, particularly in remote areas lacking internet connectivity. The complexity of managing attendee data, session schedules, and legal documentation necessitated a sophisticated digital solution. In response, Jaguar Land Rover commissioned Red C to develop a tailored iPad app that would not only address these challenges but also elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of their event management processes.

The challenge

Coordinating launch events across diverse locations presented Jaguar Land Rover with a unique set of obstacles, including attendee management and the collection of necessary legal agreements in environments without reliable internet access. The absence of a unified system to handle these elements was a barrier to the seamless execution of high-profile launch events, impeding both operational efficiency and attendee experience.

The solution

Leveraging its expertise in app development, Red C engineered an internal tablet application specifically designed to meet Jaguar Land Rover’s needs:

  • Event Management: The app enables event managers to oversee guest bookings and check-ins seamlessly, ensuring accurate attendee tracking.
  • Offline Capability: A critical feature of the app is its offline functionality, allowing for uninterrupted use in remote locations, a necessity for Jaguar Land Rover’s often off-the-beaten-path event venues.
  • Legal Document Processing: Attendees can electronically sign waiver forms and NDAs directly within the app, streamlining the test-driving process and ensuring compliance.

Process and Features

  • Collaborative Development: Working in close partnership with an events management company, Red C tailored the app to encapsulate the full scope of Jaguar Land Rover’s event management requirements.
  • Comprehensive Features: The app includes functionalities for booking and checking in guests, viewing event details, and managing guest arrival times—all operable in offline mode.
  • Legal Documentation Integration: Facilitating the digital signing of legal documents, the app enhances operational efficiency and attendee convenience.

The result

The introduction of Red C’s custom app for Jaguar Land Rover has significantly transformed the landscape of launch event management:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The app’s ability to operate flawlessly in remote locations without internet access has markedly improved the management of launch events.
  • Streamlined Processes: Simplified guest booking and the digital signing of legal documents have expedited pre-driving procedures, enriching the attendee experience.
  • Operational Success: The backend control panel records and stores event information, providing Jaguar Land Rover with valuable insights for future events.

This innovative solution not only met Jaguar Land Rover’s immediate needs but also set a new standard for managing automotive launch events, demonstrating Red C’s commitment to delivering technology that drives forward industry-leading practices.