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James Grant

Bespoke client services & engagement app

In the fast-paced realms of music, television, and sports, exceptional talents require exceptional support. Recognising this need, James Grant, a leader in professional management services, envisioned an app that would redefine client-agent interactions. Collaborating with Red C, James Grant set out to create a bespoke, responsive HTML5 app designed to ensure their clients could access vital services and agent support on the go, seamlessly blending professional assistance with unparalleled convenience.

The challenge

James Grant faced the dual challenge of enhancing client access to their comprehensive range of services while integrating offerings from partner services, including exclusive discounts. The goal was to develop a platform that not only streamlined service accessibility but also fostered a stronger connection between James Grant’s clients and their expansive network of partner services.


The solution

Red C responded with a hybrid app solution, leveraging the versatility of HTML5 to craft a responsive, cross-platform app. This approach minimized development costs and accelerated the launch timeline, ensuring a cohesive user experience across all devices:

  • Personalised Home Screen: A custom interface that presents a curated list of services, allowing for immediate access to frequently used features.
  • Dynamic Content Updates: Integration of an RSS feed for regular news updates, ensuring the app remains a go-to source for fresh, engaging content.
  • Custom CMS Implementation: Development of a bespoke Content Management System for James Grant to effortlessly upload special offers and manage user access, all within a design framework that reflects the brand’s prestige.

Process and Features

  • Client-Centric Development: Understanding the unique needs of James Grant’s clientele was paramount. The app was conceptualized to enhance accessibility to services and unify the James Grant Group’s affiliate brands.
  • Comprehensive Integration: From Twitter integration for real-time updates to AWS for robust image storage, and offline caching for uninterrupted access, the app incorporates advanced features to serve clients better.
  • Technical Backbone: Utilizing PHP with the Symfony framework for the backend and MySQL for database management, the app stands on a solid, scalable technological foundation.

The result

The collaboration between James Grant and Red C yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Client Engagement: The app has markedly improved interactions between James Grant and its clients, offering a streamlined, intuitive platform for accessing management services.
  • Operational Efficiency: Account managers at James Grant now benefit from streamlined processes, with all client-required information readily available through the app.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Red C’s comprehensive support extended beyond development, offering insights into App Store guidelines to ensure a smooth submission process, culminating in the successful launch of the app.

This project exemplifies how Red C’s innovative approach to app development can transform client services, offering a template for engagement that others in the entertainment and sports industries may look to replicate.