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Bespoke mobile gaming app for couples

In a digital age where connections are often fleeting, Luvdup emerges as a novel mobile gaming app designed to deepen the bonds between couples, friends, and family. This innovative app offers a playful yet meaningful way to interact with loved ones by trading, awarding, or deducting ‘luv points’ based on everyday actions. Developed by Red C for both iOS and Android platforms, Luvdup not only facilitates stronger relationships but also introduces a unique element of fun into daily routines.

The challenge

As an ambitious start-up, Luvdup came to Red C with a visionary concept: an app that could gamify relationships in a positive, engaging way. However, they faced a significant hurdle – the absence of an in-house design and development team to turn this vision into a tangible product. Recognising the potential of such an innovative idea, Luvdup sought a partnership with Red C to bring their concept to life, crafting an app that could resonate with users worldwide.

The solution

Red C accepted the challenge with enthusiasm, setting out to create an app that was as engaging as it was functional. The solution was multifaceted:

  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: We developed a responsive, user-friendly app accessible on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring wide usability.
  • Private Messaging Feed: A core feature of the app is a private feed where users can communicate, share moments, and manage ‘luv points’, making it a personal space for couples and relatives to interact.
  • Virtual Shop for Gifts: To add an element of surprise and delight, we integrated a virtual shop within the app. Here, users can purchase gifts for their loved ones, either as a token of appreciation or to mend fences, facilitating the earning of ‘luv points’.

Process and Features

  • Design Innovation: Our design process focused on creating an intuitive interface that encouraged user interaction. An interactive slider was introduced, making navigation simple and the app more engaging.
  • eCommerce Integration: In collaboration with Affiliate Window, we developed an eCommerce platform within the app, allowing users to buy virtual gifts, thereby enhancing the gamification aspect of earning ‘luv points’.
  • Reminders for Special Occasions: Understanding the importance of celebrating key moments, Luvdup features reminders for significant dates, ensuring users never miss an opportunity to show their love.

The result

Since its launch, Luvdup has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with users praising its ‘awesome’ concept and the sheer fun of engaging with it. The app has not only succeeded in making everyday interactions more enjoyable but has also played a pivotal role in strengthening personal relationships through its unique features and playful approach.