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Ministry of Defence

Improving its environmental impact

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) shoulders the colossal task of managing an extensive portfolio of land and buildings, each with its unique functional and historical significance. Recognising the urgent need to align these assets with stringent environmental standards, the DIO partnered with Red C to create a sophisticated online tool—DREAM. This platform is pivotal in assessing and improving the environmental footprint of every construction and refurbishment project within the Defence Estate, marking a significant step towards sustainability.

The challenge

The DIO’s stewardship extends over a diverse array of properties, from imposing aircraft hangars to historic barracks. With government regulations demanding an ‘excellent’ environmental impact rating for all its buildings, the DIO faced the challenge of lacking a unified, efficient means to evaluate and enhance their environmental performance. The quest for a solution that could navigate the complexities of such varied infrastructure led them to seek Red C’s expertise.

The solution

Red C responded with the development of DREAM, a bespoke online environmental assessment tool designed to streamline the evaluation process:

  • Comprehensive Assessment Framework: Incorporating a database of questions and scoring criteria, developed in consultation with environmental agency Enviros, tailored to the unique needs of different building types.
  • Intuitive User Interface: A user-friendly online platform where project managers can easily navigate through guidance notes, respond to questions, and submit supporting evidence for assessment.
  • Dynamic Scoring and Certification: The tool automatically calculates environmental ratings based on responses and generates online certificates, symbolising compliance with eco-friendly standards.

Process and Features

  • Collaborative Development: Over 15 years of partnership with the MOD, Red C has consistently refined and enhanced DREAM, ensuring it remains at the forefront of environmental assessment technology.
  • Innovative Features: The application boasts a range of functionalities, including a progress summary chart, a sophisticated reporting tool for assessment statistics, and advanced security measures to protect sensitive data.
  • Continuous Improvement: Red C’s commitment to the project extends beyond initial development, encompassing ongoing updates and improvements to accommodate evolving environmental standards and regulatory requirements.

The result

The introduction of DREAM has significantly impacted the MOD’s approach to sustainability:

  • Streamlined Environmental Assessments: DREAM has simplified the process of evaluating and certifying the environmental impact of construction projects across the Defence Estate.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Transparency: The tool has enabled the DIO to meet and exceed government environmental standards, fostering a culture of sustainability and accountability.
  • Pioneering Sustainability in Defence: By integrating advanced digital solutions with environmental stewardship, DREAM sets a benchmark for sustainable infrastructure management within the defence sector.

In crafting DREAM, Red C and the MOD’s DIO have not just developed an application but have charted a new course towards environmental excellence, demonstrating the transformative power of technology in achieving sustainable development goals.