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NWAFT CPD Platform


The North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (NWAFT) recognized the need to modernize and streamline its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process for its staff. Partnering with Red C, they aimed to develop a comprehensive web-based system to manage CPD course requests and approvals efficiently, thereby enhancing the professional growth and compliance of their healthcare professionals.

The challenge

With over 500 staff members across multiple sites, managing CPD requirements posed significant logistical challenges. The manual and piecemeal processes in place were inefficient, lacked transparency in tracking progress, and made it difficult to ensure timely renewals of qualifications. There was a clear need for a digital solution to automate these processes, improve tracking accuracy, and facilitate easier access to CPD resources and training schedules.

The solution

The solution was the ‘NWAFT CPD Platform,’ a responsive web portal tailored specifically to the needs of NWAFT’s staff and administrative workflows. This platform included several key features:

  • Streamlined CPD Application Submission and Approval: Enabling staff to easily submit CPD requests and navigate through the hierarchical approval process.
  • Automated Alerts for Qualification Expirations: Implementing a colour-coded alert system to notify staff of upcoming expirations, ensuring timely renewals.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard and Reporting: Providing customized dashboards for different user roles (staff, managers, super admins) with relevant KPIs, application statuses, and access to detailed reporting for oversight and decision-making.
  • Continuous Training Scheduling: Automating the scheduling of mandatory training sessions, such as CPR, to maintain compliance and readiness.

Process and Features

Red C’s development process was highly iterative, engaging closely with NWAFT stakeholders to ensure the platform met all specified requirements and user needs. Key aspects of the process included:

  • User Role Definitions and Access Controls: Careful definition of user roles within the system to ensure appropriate access levels and functionalities for each user group.
  • Responsive Design for All Devices: Ensuring the platform was accessible and user-friendly across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices to accommodate the ‘on-the-go’ needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Email Integration for Automated Communications: Incorporating automated email notifications for key actions and milestones within the CPD process, enhancing communication and engagement.

The result

The deployment of the NWAFT CPD Platform has delivered significant improvements in the management of CPD activities across the Trust:

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency: The automated and streamlined processes have significantly reduced administrative overhead and improved visibility into CPD activities.
  • Improved Compliance and Professional Development: The system ensures that all staff remain up-to-date with their CPD requirements, supporting their professional growth and compliance with healthcare standards.
  • Increased Engagement and Accessibility: The user-friendly design and responsive interface have made it easier for staff to engage with their CPD activities, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

This project underscores Red C’s expertise in developing bespoke digital solutions that address specific challenges within the healthcare sector, demonstrating a commitment to supporting the professional development and compliance of NHS staff.