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Pocket Physio

Accessible and Targeted Physiotherapy Exercises

The journey of reimagining Practice Plus’s Pocket Physio application embarked with a clear vision: to substantially enhance how patients engage with physiotherapy exercises both pre and post-surgery. Practice Plus approached Red C to undertake this transformative project, recognising the vital role an accessible, easy-to-use mobile application plays in patient recovery and rehabilitation.

The challenge

The challenge was multi-layered: while popular among orthopaedic surgery patients, the existing Pocket Physio app was in dire need of a modern overhaul. The user experience was outdated, and the app lacked the intuitive design to engage patients in prescribed exercise regimes. Practice Plus sought a cosmetic upgrade and an enhancement of the app’s functionality to provide a comprehensive and supportive tool for recovery.

The solution

Red C took a holistic approach to revamping the Pocket Physio app, focusing on design and functionality to cater to the specific needs of post-surgical patients. The project was underpinned by a collaborative effort with the Care UK team, ensuring the solution was patient-centric and medically accurate. The redesigned app included:

  • Personalised Exercise Plans: ‘My Exercises’ feature offers a tailored selection of exercises, enabling patients to follow a regimen that’s designed explicitly for their recovery journey.
  • Comprehensive Exercise Library: An expansive library covers a wide range of physiotherapy exercises, including those for the knee, hip, hand, and foot, supplemented with videos and text instructions to ensure correct form and execution.
  • User-Friendly Design: A significant emphasis was placed on creating an intuitive user experience, making the app straightforward and accessible for all patients, regardless of technological proficiency.
  • Reminders and Tracking: Integrated reminders to encourage regular exercise adherence are essential for adequate recovery and patients’ ability to track their progress over time.

The result

Redlining the Pocket Physio app by Red C has marked a significant step forward in digital health, particularly in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The enhanced functionality and user-friendly design have made the app an indispensable tool for patients navigating their recovery from orthopaedic surgery. By empowering patients with personalized exercise plans and clear, accessible instructions, Pocket Physio has helped streamline the post-operative recovery process, encouraging consistent engagement with prescribed physiotherapy exercises and ultimately contributing to faster, more effective patient recovery.