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Making therapy accessible

In a society where mental health increasingly demands attention, Psyma emerges as a beacon of innovation, heralded by Red C’s technological prowess. This trailblazing app, honored as the ‘Health and Fitness App of the Year’ at the 2017 UK App Awards, introduces a groundbreaking approach to psychological therapy. By facilitating live video calls with professionally trained psychologists, Psyma ensures that help is just a tap away, offering unprecedented access to support at times and locations that best suit the user’s needs.

The challenge

The UK faces a stark reality: one in four people will encounter a mental health issue yearly, with one in six reporting such challenges weekly. Traditional therapy faces barriers—stigma, accessibility, and NHS resource limitations, leading to detrimental delays in care. Psyma’s vision was bold: to dismantle these barriers, making psychological support accessible and immediate for those grappling with mental health challenges.

The solution

Red C responded with an innovative iOS app solution, designed to seamlessly connect users with psychological professionals through live video calls. This app not only champions the destigmatization of mental health but also empowers individuals to seek timely, effective help. Key features include:

  • Live Video Calls: Offering real-time, personal interactions with psychologists, breaking down geographical and logistical barriers to therapy.
  • Complimentary Initial Session: A 25-minute free session encourages users to take the first step towards seeking help, lowering the threshold for engagement.
  • Integrated Payment System: Utilizing Stripe for secure, in-app payments, ensuring therapists are compensated while maintaining a streamlined user experience.

Process and Features

  • Virtual Therapy Accessibility: Recognizing the transformative potential of online therapy, Psyma was developed to support those who might find traditional therapy settings inaccessible, such as individuals with agoraphobia or those hindered by the logistical challenges of in-person sessions.
  • Bypassing NHS Wait Times: By offering an alternative to the prolonged waiting periods often associated with NHS referrals, Psyma presents an efficient, immediate care model, particularly crucial for those needing urgent support.
  • Anonymity and Security: The app provides a confidential, secure platform for therapy, appealing to those who may be hesitant to seek help due to the stigma surrounding mental health.

The result

Psyma has significantly impacted the mental health landscape by:

  • Enhancing Therapy Accessibility: Reducing barriers to access, Psyma has empowered a broader demographic to seek and receive psychological support.
  • Promoting Mental Health Awareness: By facilitating easy, stigma-free access to therapy, Psyma contributes to a broader conversation about mental health, encouraging societal acceptance and understanding.
  • Award-Winning Recognition: Psyma’s accolade as the ‘Health and Fitness App of the Year’ underscores its innovative approach to health tech, setting a new standard for apps in the mental health space.

In creating Psyma, Red C has not just developed an app; they’ve pioneered a movement towards more accessible, flexible, and immediate mental health support, marking a significant advancement in the way psychological therapy is accessed and delivered in the UK.