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Mobile App to Help Victims of Sexual Violence

In a world where timely support and confidentiality are paramount for survivors of sexual abuse, the collaboration between Red C and Safeline, a leading sexual abuse and rape charity, has set a new benchmark in digital support solutions. Recognizing the urgent need for an accessible, secure platform for victims and referrers in Warwickshire, Red C developed the Safeline mobile app. This groundbreaking tool not only streamlines the referral process for agencies such as the police, local authorities, NHS, and educational institutions but also offers a lifeline to individuals seeking immediate, anonymous assistance. This case study delves into the challenges, innovations, and impacts of creating an app that stands as a beacon of hope and support for those affected by sexual violence, demonstrating Red C’s commitment to leveraging technology for social good.

The challenge

The urgent need to support victims of sexual abuse presented a complex challenge. Safeline, a specialist sexual abuse and rape charity, sought to make the referral process as swift and seamless as possible. Traditional methods were cumbersome and often not discreet enough for victims or referring agencies such as the police, local authorities, NHS, GPs, schools, and social services. The goal was to create a digital solution to simplify this process, ensuring quick, anonymous, and secure referrals.

The solution

Responding to Safeline’s call, Red C took on digitizing and streamlining the referral form process. The project’s heart was to enhance accessibility to the charity’s services, encouraging victims to step forward and, ultimately, increasing accountability for perpetrators in Warwickshire. Red C developed an intuitive mobile app that allowed for anonymous self-referrals or referrals on behalf of others, catering specifically to the needs of younger victims with its simple digital interface. This approach not only streamlined the process for internal teams and professional organizations but also opened a vital channel for victims to access the emotional and practical support they needed.

The result

The collaboration between Safeline and Red C yielded a mobile app with three distinct referral pathways: Professional, Family/Friend, and Self Referral. This tailored approach ensured that the information gathered was relevant and specific to the type of referral, with careful consideration for the sensitivities involved. For instance, professionals could include a Crime Report Number, while self-referrers were prompted to provide safe contact details. Crucially, data security was paramount. The app was designed to transmit data to a secure Safeline address without storing any user data, ensuring confidentiality and trust in the referral process.

Additional Features

Beyond referrals, the app serves as a valuable resource for learning more about Safeline and its mission to support victims of sexual violence and abuse in Warwickshire. This comprehensive approach not only addresses immediate needs but also educates and informs users about the broader support ecosystem available to them.