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Shadow Memory

The world's first interactive art installation app

At Red C, we were thrilled to be commissioned by GRAD, a renowned nonprofit contemporary art gallery based in the vibrant Fitzrovia district of central London.

Since its establishment in 2013, GRAD has been at the forefront of presenting historical and contemporary exhibitions that challenge and engage audiences. Our collaboration aimed to extend this ethos into the digital realm, blending innovative technology with immersive art to create an unparalleled user experience.

The challenge

Our mission was to transcend traditional art engagement methods and craft an interactive experience that would redefine how individuals interact with London’s urban landscape. The challenge lay in integrating the physical experience of exploring London with a digital layer that would add depth and context, encouraging users to see the city through a new lens and challenge their preconceptions about the familiar urban environment.


The solution

Bespoke Geolocation App

In a groundbreaking project with GRAD, we engineered Shadow Memory, an app that reshapes how people experience art and the city of London.

Innovative User Engagement

Through precise geolocation triggers, users encounter digital art in the physical realm, becoming part of an interactive cityscape narrative.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive design aligned with Shadow Memory’s brand for easy user navigation.
  • Artworks and sounds activate at key locations, enriching the urban exploration experience.
  • ‘My Memories’ feature allows for capturing and reliving personal journey highlights.

Seamless Experience

Ensuring technical excellence, our app delivers a frictionless user journey, fostering a new mode of artistic discovery.

The result

Our efforts were met with resounding success at the launch of Shadow Memory. Rigorous usability testing before the launch confirmed the app’s effectiveness in accurately detecting geolocations and providing a smooth, uninterrupted user experience. Early feedback from users has been exceptionally positive, praising the app for its innovative approach to merging art with technology and offering a new perspective on London’s cultural landscape. Through Shadow Memory, we have challenged traditional art engagement paradigms and established a new benchmark for interactive art experiences.

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