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Development of a trade engagement portal

Sony, a conglomerate known for its vast array of consumer electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services, embarked on a digital enhancement journey with Red C for its Sony Mobile division. The objective was two-fold: to revitalize the Xperia Zone, a trade engagement portal for the UK & EIRE, and to launch an Ambassador mobile app aimed at empowering distributors and retailers with the latest training and incentives. This case study focuses on the redevelopment of the Xperia Zone, an initiative that stands testament to Sony’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The challenge

The Xperia Zone required a comprehensive overhaul to meet the evolving needs of mobile users. Sony Mobile sought to transform the portal into a mobile-optimized platform that could deliver content efficiently and engage its trade audience effectively. The primary challenge was to rebuild the site to ensure speed, responsiveness, and alignment with Sony’s new brand guidelines, all within a tight timeframe.

The solution

Leveraging HTML5, Red C reimagined the Xperia Zone, implementing a series of enhancements to elevate the platform’s performance and user experience:

  • Mobile Optimisation: A key focus was on creating a seamless experience for mobile users, ensuring the portal’s design and functionality were optimized for various devices.
  • Efficiency and Design: The development process was streamlined to ensure the front-end, back-end, and mobile versions were built concurrently, incorporating a refreshed design that resonates with Sony’s contemporary aesthetic.
  • Enhanced Features: New features such as a notifications icon, a simplified registration process, and a centralized Content Management System (CMS) were introduced to improve user interaction and administrative efficiency.

Process and Features

  • Rapid Development: Red C’s agile approach enabled the completion of a fully functional site in just 11 weeks, balancing speed with quality.
  • User-Centric Design: The redesign focused on enhancing the visual appeal and navigability of the site, aligning it with Sony’s latest brand identity.
  • Impressive Response: Post-launch, the Xperia Zone witnessed a significant increase in mobile engagement, with active users doubling and a notable uptick in internal registrations, underscoring the portal’s success in meeting its audience’s needs.

The result

The revitalization of the Xperia Zone marked a significant milestone in Sony Mobile’s digital strategy:

  • Broadened Engagement: The redeveloped portal dramatically increased mobile audience engagement, from 27% to 51% of the total visiting audience, within just two weeks of launch.
  • User Satisfaction: Feedback from both Sony and its users highlighted the portal’s premium look, streamlined processes, and intuitive navigation, reflecting a successful overhaul.
  • Future-Ready Platform: The Xperia Zone now stands as a model of mobile optimization and design excellence, setting a new standard for trade engagement portals within the industry.

Through the Xperia Zone project, Red C has not only delivered on Sony Mobile’s immediate objectives but also provided a scalable, future-proof platform that elevates the brand’s engagement with its trade audience.