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Talent International – Engage

Recruitment platform enhancing the client experience

Talent International, a frontrunner in the IT recruitment industry across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, embarked on a visionary project to revolutionize the contractor experience. Aiming to consolidate contract management, career advancement, and exclusive rewards into a singular, user-friendly digital platform, Talent Engage was conceived. This ambition led Talent International to collaborate with Red C, leveraging their expertise in creating sophisticated web applications and middleware solutions to bring this innovative platform to life.

The challenge

The development of Talent Engage’s second version posed significant challenges, primarily due to the absence of an in-house development team at Talent International capable of executing such a complex project. The requirement was a robust web application capable of integrating seamlessly with existing and future systems, providing a unified contractor experience across all Talent International offices. This platform needed to incorporate intricate backend systems with API connectivity, demanding a high level of technical proficiency and innovation.

The solution

Red C’s approach was multi-faceted, focusing on both the user experience and the technical infrastructure required to support Talent Engage:

  • Comprehensive Collaboration: Working closely with Talent International’s Head of Product Development, Red C gained an in-depth understanding of the platform’s objectives, user journeys, and customer needs.
  • Technical Discovery and Design: Through expert UX and UI design, Red C crafted a detailed site-map and wireframes, refining these into fully designed screens that align with Talent’s branding guidelines. The technical discovery phase included workshops and discussions with API providers, leading to the creation of a technical specification that outlined the architecture and data flow.
  • Advanced Features and Hosting Solutions: Red C rebuilt the Engage platform to include a new hosting solution on AWS, sophisticated user management and authentication layers, and API integration through a flexible middleware solution, ensuring secure and efficient connectivity with Talent’s ecosystem and external partners.

Process and Features

  • User-Centric Design: The redesign focused on enhancing the contractor experience, from job searching to contract management and accessing exclusive rewards.
  • Seamless API Integration: By establishing middleware connections with third-party providers like Bullhorn, Evertime, and Jobscience, Talent Engage offers a streamlined experience for users, integrating various backend systems into a cohesive platform.
  • Innovative Payment Solutions: The platform includes a ‘pay-to-bill’ feature tailored to regional requirements, ensuring contractors can easily capture timesheets and process approvals within the Engage ecosystem.

The result

The launch of Talent Engage Version 2 has marked a significant milestone in the recruitment industry by:

  • Redefining Contractor Engagement: Talent Engage has transformed the way contractors interact with Talent International, offering a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of their contracts, career development, and rewards.
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: The technical innovations and integrations have streamlined processes, improving efficiency for Talent International and offering a seamless experience for contractors.
  • Elevating Talent International’s Brand: The success of Talent Engage underscores Talent International’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the recruitment sector, setting a new standard for digital platforms in the industry.

Through its partnership with Red C, Talent International has successfully realized its vision for Talent Engage, demonstrating the transformative power of digital solutions in enhancing the recruitment experience and establishing a new benchmark for the industry.