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Thames Water

Transforming business relationships

In an era where efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand, Red C’s partnership with PN Daly for Thames Water marks a significant step towards digital advancement in utility management. Our mission was clear: to develop an Android app and backend system capable of transforming the way water leaks are detected and reported in the Greater London area. This project not only showcases our commitment to leveraging technology for environmental conservation but also our ability to meet the intricate needs of our clients and their stakeholders.

The challenge

Thames Water, faced with the pressing need to meet government water-saving targets, recognised the inefficiencies of their existing leak detection process. PN Daly, tasked with detecting water leaks, required a solution that could empower their engineers to report leaks in real-time, streamline operations across London, and ensure that all data was accurately captured and communicated to Thames Water’s central administration. The challenge was to replace an outdated system with a digital solution that was both efficient and robust.

The solution

Collaborating closely with PN Daly, Red C designed and developed a bespoke Android application and web system tailored to the unique requirements of the Thames Water contract. Our solution included:

  • Real-Time Reporting: Engineers can now record leak locations and details directly into the app, enhancing the speed and accuracy of reporting.
  • Complex Mapping: Incorporation of detailed mapping data of underground water mains aids engineers in pinpointing leaks more effectively.
  • Data Security: Implementing stringent security measures to protect sensitive information, with features such as secure login and backend synchronisation.
  • Efficient Communication: Text alerts and a system for uploading images within the app facilitate swift documentation and action on emergency issues.

The result

The introduction of the mobile app and web system has revolutionised the operational framework between PN Daly and Thames Water:

  • Increased Efficiency: Time spent on data input per job has been reduced dramatically, from 30 minutes to just 2-5 minutes.
  • Widespread Adoption: 95% of engineers currently utilise the app, with many stating they couldn’t fulfil their roles without it.
  • Seamless Integration: Connecting the backend system to Thames Water’s SAP system through a bespoke API has saved significant time and resources in data entry.


  • Advanced data security with daily backup and timeout features.
  • Real-time text alerts for completed emergency jobs.
  • GPS location logging for precise leak reporting.
  • Versatile data entry options, including free text, multiple choice, and yes/no answers.