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Trading Places

Educating traders with FX advice and analysis

Since its inception in 2018, Trading Places has rapidly ascended as a luminary in the foreign exchange (FX) trading domain, offering indispensable educational content and market analysis to a burgeoning community of online traders. To cater to their expanding follower base and streamline access to their wealth of resources, Trading Places envisioned a mobile app that consolidates their expertise and market insights into an easily navigable, one-stop solution for FX trading education and real-time market alerts.

The challenge

The dynamic and often volatile nature of the FX market demands timely and informed decision-making. Trading Places recognized the need for a mobile application that could deliver instant market alerts, trading signals, and educational content to enable amateur traders to make informed trading decisions and evolve into proficient market participants. The goal was to transcend the limitations of social media dissemination and provide a tailored, immersive trading advisory experience.


The solution

In partnership with Red C, Trading Places embarked on developing a sophisticated yet user-friendly mobile app that serves as a comprehensive hub for FX trading education and real-time market insights:

  • Instant Market Alerts: The app furnishes users with timely buying and selling signals, leveraging live data streams to ensure traders never miss a beat in the fast-paced FX market.
  • Educational Resources: A rich repository of weekly recap videos, forex articles, and technical analysis guides empowers users with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of currency trading.
  • Risk Management Tools: Featuring a popular risk management calculator, the app aids traders in effectively mitigating risks, a crucial aspect of sustaining profitability in trading.

Process and Features

  • Collaborative Development: Working hand in glove with the Trading Places team, Red C meticulously crafted an app that encapsulates the essence of Trading Places’ mission—educating and equipping FX traders for success.
  • Feature-rich Platform: Beyond news and educational content, the app includes an economic calendar, chat functionality for community engagement, and full transparency on trades recommended by Trading Places, fostering a trust-based relationship with users.
  • User Engagement: The subscription model for accessing premium features ensures that dedicated traders can unlock additional value, enhancing their trading strategies with exclusive insights and tools.

The result

The Trading Places app has significantly impacted the FX trading community by:

  • Enhancing Accessibility: Providing a centralized platform for FX trading education and market analysis, the app has democratized access to expert trading advice for a global audience.
  • Empowering Traders: With real-time alerts, risk management tools, and in-depth analysis, traders are better equipped to make informed decisions, improve their trading acumen, and potentially increase their market gains.
  • Fostering Community: The inclusion of chat functionality and shared trading insights cultivates a sense of community among users, encouraging knowledge sharing and mutual growth within the trading ecosystem.

This venture between Trading Places and Red C not only fills a critical gap in the FX education market but also sets a new benchmark for mobile applications in financial education, transforming how traders engage with the market and each other.