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Raising awareness on the refugee crisis

In an ambitious effort to shed light on the global refugee crisis, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) partnered with Red C to create ‘My Life as a Refugee’. This innovative iOS and Android app immerses users in the perilous journeys of refugees, offering a powerful simulation of the life-altering choices they are compelled to make. Through engaging gameplay and narrative-driven experiences, the app serves as a pivotal tool in raising awareness and sparking meaningful conversations around the challenges faced by millions of displaced individuals worldwide.

The challenge

Confronted with the stark statistic that every minute eight people are forced to flee due to war, persecution, or terror, the UNHCR was determined to find a compelling way to communicate the urgent realities of the refugee crisis to a global audience. The objective was to transcend traditional awareness campaigns by engaging users in an interactive experience that would foster empathy, understanding, and action.

The solution

Red C responded to this challenge by developing ‘My Life as a Refugee’, a game that simulates the journey of refugees through the eyes of three main characters, each with their own stories of separation, survival, and hope. The app’s features include:

  • Interactive Stories: Based on true accounts, these narratives immerse players in the dilemmas and dangers refugees face, highlighting the importance of each decision on their path to safety.
  • Time-Locked Episodes: Enhancing the gaming experience by mirroring the unpredictability and urgency of refugee journeys.
  • In-App Donations: Facilitating direct support for refugee causes, enabling players to contribute to real-world change.

Process and Features

  • Positive Reception: Garnering acclaim from both the press and public, the app has been hailed as an ‘eye opener’ and a vital call to action, leveraging technology to make a difference.
  • Cross-Platform Development: Utilizing HTML5, Red C ensured the app’s accessibility across iOS and Android devices, maximizing its impact and reach.

The result

‘My Life as a Refugee’ has achieved remarkable success in:

  • Raising Awareness: By simulating the refugee experience, the app has enlightened a wide audience on the complexities of the crisis, fostering greater empathy and understanding.
  • Encouraging Dialogue: The app has opened up new avenues for discussion about the refugee crisis, prompting individuals and communities to engage in meaningful conversations about how to help.
  • Inspiring Action: Through its in-app donation feature, the app not only educates but also empowers users to take tangible steps towards supporting refugees.

In creating ‘My Life as a Refugee’, Red C and the UNHCR have leveraged digital innovation to create a transformative tool that goes beyond mere awareness, advocating for global empathy and action in support of refugees.