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Wingman Offers

Step into the nightlife

Wingman Offers is a groundbreaking mobile application introduced in the vibrant city of Southampton with ambitions to reshape the nightlife experience for students and clubbers. Red C was approached to develop this app aimed at eliminating the outdated cash-only entry system for clubs, thereby saving time and enhancing the clubbing experience. Through the Wingman app, users can prepay for club entries, access exclusive vouchers, and enjoy a streamlined, rewarding night out.

The challenge

The traditional process of purchasing club entry tickets was time-consuming and inefficient, often involving cash transactions and long wait times. Wingman aimed to address these issues by providing a digital solution that offered both convenience and added value through discounts and vouchers. The challenge was to create a user-friendly platform that could handle registrations, payments, and offer redemption seamlessly while also appealing to a tech-savvy, young audience.

The solution

Red C developed a comprehensive mobile app that catered to the needs of both club-goers and venue owners. Key features of the app include:

  • SmartGeo Technology: An innovative feature that optimizes energy consumption for users’ homes based on their location and routine, potentially reducing usage by up to 25%.
  • Voucher Redemption: Users can redeem vouchers for drinks and entry, adding value to their night out.
  • Guest List Payment: Enables users to bypass traditional entry payment methods by prepaying through the app.
  • Club Profiles and Event Listings: Offers detailed venue information, including events, offers, and music genres to help users plan their evening.
  • Secure Payment Integration: Utilizes Stripe for secure, hassle-free transactions directly within the app.

Process and Features

The development process was centered around creating an intuitive and engaging user experience. The Wingman app includes:

  • User Registration and Account Setup: Easy signup options with social media integration and manual entry, complemented by a referral code system for tracking user invitations.
  • Comprehensive Administration Portal: For Wingman administrators to manage clubs, offers, and user activity.
  • Venue Portal for Club Owners: A dedicated portal allowing club owners to manage their profiles, post offers, and track redemptions.

The result

The launch of the Wingman Offers app has revolutionized how clubbers access nightlife venues, offering:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The app’s convenience and rewards system have significantly improved the clubbing experience for users.
  • Increased Venue Participation: Clubs have embraced the app for its ability to attract more patrons through targeted offers and streamlined entry processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: The digital platform has reduced the need for physical ticket sales and cash transactions, aligning with contemporary consumer preferences.

In partnership with Wingman Offers, Red C has delivered a modern solution that meets the evolving demands of the nightlife industry, proving that innovation can significantly enhance traditional experiences.