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Track your spending & earn cash rebates

In an era where every penny counts, Yonda offers a refreshing take on financial management and rewards. Developed in collaboration between Red C and the Blackhawk Network, Yonda is not just a pre-paid card; it’s a gateway to earning cashback – termed as Coin – on purchases with partner retailers, restaurants, and experiences. Available on both iOS and Android, the Yonda app empowers users to track spending, set savings goals, and enjoy the fruits of their spending in a rewarding, contactless manner.

The challenge

The inception of Yonda by the Blackhawk Network was driven by the ambition to fuse the convenience of a pre-paid card with the benefits of a loyalty program. The challenge was twofold: to create an app that made financial tracking and saving straightforward for users and to integrate a rewards system that offered tangible, appealing benefits. Moreover, security and user-friendliness were paramount to encourage adoption and regular use.

The solution

Red C, leveraging its extensive experience in app development, crafted a solution that addressed these challenges head-on:

  • Seamless User Experience: From sign-up to topping up and making payments, the app’s design ensures every interaction is intuitive and efficient.
  • Enhanced Security: Incorporating Touch ID for iOS and Android, the app offers a secure environment for managing finances and personal information.
  • Goal Tracking and Rewards: Animated illustrations within the app visually track progress towards saving goals, while the loyalty cashback system rewards users with Coin for every purchase made with Yonda partners.

Process and Features

  • Collaborative Development: Working closely with Blackhawk Network and its branding agency, Red C meticulously crafted wireframes and visual designs for each screen, utilizing InVision for prototyping and feedback.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: The app includes functionalities such as card top-up, secure verification, card activation, viewing discounts, setting saving goals, transaction history, and card management options like freezing the card and push notifications.
  • Continuous Improvement: Following a successful beta testing phase, the app was launched on major app stores, with Red C and Blackhawk Network committed to ongoing enhancements to enrich user experience.

The result

Yonda has been met with enthusiastic reception from its user base, evidencing the demand for a financial tool that marries convenience with rewards:

  • Rapid User Adoption: The app’s intuitive design and rewarding cashback system have spurred fast-growing interest and adoption among the public.
  • Positive Feedback: Users have praised Yonda for its user-friendly interface, security features, and the tangible benefits of the cashback rewards.
  • Future Enhancements: Red C continues to collaborate with the Blackhawk Network to introduce new features, ensuring Yonda remains at the forefront of fintech innovation.

Yonda represents a significant advancement in the financial tech space, offering users a novel way to manage their money and earn rewards, proving once again the transformative power of digital solutions in enhancing everyday tasks.