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A private clinic booking app

In an era where the demand for healthcare significantly outweighs supply, ZoomClinic emerged as a pioneering solution to the growing challenge of appointment bookings with healthcare professionals. Recognizing the untapped potential of doctor surgeries outside standard operating hours, ZoomClinic, in collaboration with Red C, embarked on creating a mobile app designed to streamline the process of finding and booking appointments with private healthcare professionals, thus enhancing accessibility for patients and utilization for practitioners.

The challenge

The increasing strain on NHS resources has led to prolonged waiting times, making it challenging for patients to access healthcare services promptly. Meanwhile, healthcare facilities remain underutilized outside conventional surgery hours. ZoomClinic identified an opportunity to address these issues by connecting patients seeking after-hours medical advice with private practitioners ready to offer their services, thereby optimizing resource use and improving patient care.

The solution

Red C developed a user-friendly iOS app tailored to the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. This solution facilitates:

  • Easy Discovery: Patients can effortlessly search for healthcare professionals by specialty, ensuring they find the right expert for their needs.
  • Flexible Booking: The app presents users with a list of local clinics and available appointment slots, allowing patients to book directly in the app’s calendar.
  • Professional Verification: Healthcare providers are thoroughly vetted and prompted to list their specialties and availability, fostering trust and ensuring quality care.
  • Secure Payment Integration: With Stripe integration, the app offers a secure and convenient payment process for consultations.

Process and Features

  • Targeted User Experience: Understanding the needs of the app’s demographic led to the decision to develop initially for iOS, with plans for an Android version to widen accessibility.
  • Brand Creation: Alongside app development, Red C crafted a compelling brand identity, including a logo that resonates with both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Comprehensive Features: The app includes a backend control panel for managing healthcare professional profiles, a payment system, and functionalities for booking and managing appointments, coupled with email confirmation for added convenience.

The result

The launch of ZoomClinic has significantly impacted the healthcare industry by:

  • Enhancing Healthcare Access: Patients now have a straightforward, efficient way to access medical advice outside standard NHS hours, reducing wait times and improving healthcare experiences.
  • Optimizing Resources: The app enables healthcare professionals to utilize their clinics more effectively, contributing to better resource management within the healthcare system.
  • Building Trust and Safety: By vetting professionals and providing a secure payment system, ZoomClinic has established a reliable platform for private healthcare services.

ZoomClinic, with Red C’s expertise, has not only addressed a critical gap in healthcare accessibility but also set a new standard for how technology can facilitate the delivery of medical services, marking a step forward in the evolution of patient care.