We pride ourselves on employing the most creative and innovative talent in the industry. This, coupled with our consultative approach, enables us to develop the best solution for your business. The diversity of our clients has provided us with experience across a range of sectors from multinational corporations such as Sony and IronFX, to SME’s and startups such as Centtrip and Air Translator.

We are always on the lookout for the best and most cost effective way to deliver high quality results. Our team take great enjoyment in solving the most complex technical challenges by researching the market and utilising the latest innovative technology. We are often tasked to research into the latest technology to discover what's possible and find the best technical solution to a problem.


Mobile consultancy services


The mobile industry is constantly evolving with new operating systems and features coming out on a regular basis. Despite the huge potential mobile apps provide businesses, they do not offer the appropriate solution to every problem. Thus, it's important to prioritise the features that are sought after by users. Our mobile strategy workshops will help refine your ideas and solve your business problems in the most efficient way.


Our design and discovery package gives you everything you need to create a successful app. We start with a brainstorming session where we 'stress test' your idea and explore any way we can refine it. Our UX designers will then create a site map, wireframes and a clickable prototype. After testing the user journeys we will create full screen mockups and a technical scope of work. Find out more about our design process.


At Red C our developers are always at the forefront of mobile technology, they devote one day a week to R&D projects where we explore new technology such as machine learning, internet of things and augmented reality. If you have a concept that requires the use of new technology, our team can conduct research and discover what's possible with current technology, and most excitingly; what will be possible in the future as technology continues to evolve.

Prototype app

A prototype app is often a good way to test an app before launching into full scale development. Our designers and developers will create several user journeys through the app, these will be selected in order to provide a genuine feel for the key features and functionality of the app. The app will not hold real data or a backend but there will be enough screens to test the app with potential users or showcase the app's viability to funders and VCs.

proof of concept

A proof of concept app is an app that tests a key feature or technology to prove it's viability. Since the purpose is to test one core feature, the app is stripped down to just the one feature without much elaborate design or finalised polish. We partnered with Admiral Insurance to create a proof of a concept; a 'dash cam' app. The premise of the app was to test whether a phone could be triggered by a car accident to record the last 30 seconds of footage, for insurance purposes.


Augmented reality has shown huge potential in areas such as virtual learning, navigation and retail. With all the recent phones on Apple and Android platforms having AR and VR support built in, the opportunities are endless. We have worked on several Augmented reality R&D projects as well as an AR app for a high-end cocktail bar.

Sony Mobile: development of a trade engagement portal

Sony is a diverse business including consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. Red C has worked alongside Sony Mobile on two separate projects. The first; a trade engagement portal for the new Xperia Zone, and the second; an Ambassador mobile app to provide distributors and retailers with the latest training incentives.

MOD: improving its environmental impact

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is responsible for managing all buildings and land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Red C has been working with the DIO for over 15 years to provide, maintain and update an online environmental assessment tool used for all new building and refurbishment projects on the Defence Estate.

Thames Water: transforming business relationships

PN Daly were contracted by Thames Water to detect water leaks in the Greater London area. It was essential that in order to improve the efficiency of processes, enabling Thames Water to achieve government water saving targets, they needed to digitise their existing system. Red C developed an Android app and backend system to manage the process of detecting and reporting water leaks.

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